A Worthy Challenge – Celeste Review (Nintendo Switch)
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I am not fond of punishment platformers in general, so I has been planning on skipping Celeste. However, I am glad that I did not skip out on the game in the end, as Celeste has proved to be far more than I had anticipated it being.

Celeste is less of a punishment platformer, but rather it is actually more of a puzzle platformer. Each screen feels like its own stage and deaths on that screen result in starting over there, rather than at the beginning of the level. This gives you a better pace to progress, and at the same time it feels fair each time. The different screens, each have their own pattern to how to progress and it becomes a case of trial and error until you figure out the right way, hence a puzzle platformer. It is very challenging though, and even after you figure out the correct route to go, it will take several tries.

Celeste is also different in another way, and that is the narrative. The story is very much an important part of the game, and it is extremely well done. Celeste story has several themes to it, and all of them are explored well. This part helps make Celeste a much deeper experience, and stand out far more. However, this is also where we run into some issues. I do not know why, but on occasion the game has glitched when entering a narrative part. I have encountered this twice so far and I am hoping a patch can fix this.

I really do like Celeste, especially on Nintendo Switch since it makes great use of the system’s features such as HD rumble. It is very challenging yes but also fair. The game’s sense of fairness is part of what makes it strong. You are challenged to do well by the game and I mean that literally.  There is an option to alter the difficulty via an assist mode, but the game does encourage you to actually try the regular mode first, while also acknowledging it might be too much for some.

I think Celeste is a must have experience, and I wish I had not encountered those glitches, as they did bring down the fun a little. Still that will likely be fixed soon, and I think the game can still be enjoyed regardless. I fully recommend this.

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