Asura’s Wrath Demo Impressions
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CyberConnect2, creators of the .hack and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja video games, knows how to make a video game based on anime. They’re able to capture the best parts of that anime and create a great game around it.  Now, CyberConnect2 is attempting something pretty ambitious here by making a game that is more like an anime in Asura’s Wrath.  The story plays out in a series of episodes, making it seem like you are playing through an anime series rather then a game.  The demo sports two episodes, episode 5 and episode 11.  In episode 5 you fight the giant Buddha like boss who grows so large at one point he completely dwarfs the earth while in episode 11 you fight a swordsman on the moon. That’s right, the moon, and in the end of the level you literally get stabbed and thrown from the moon back down to earth.  Form the demo impressions; this game really does feel like an anime.  So much so that not only does each level end on a cliffhanger with a “to be continued” splashed on the screen but the levels have commercial break eye catchers. No seriously, eye catchers. For those who may not know what an eye catch is, it’s a scene or animation in an anime that begins and ends the commercial breaks. There aren’t any actual commercials in the demo but CyberConnect2 is really going for that authentic anime feel. Whether or not this turns out for the best is yet to be scene.

The demo plays very smoothly, no bugs or glitches that I ran into.  Episode 5 and 11 are two very different boss fights that show off the scale and ferocity of the game. Episode 5 varies greatly with the ever-growing boss Wyzen while episode 11 is more a more focused traditional boss fight a la Devil May Cry.  But what’s missing here are the beat ‘em up style level that shows off what you do in between fights; beating down hoards of enemies large and small alike.  It gives off the impression that the whole game is based around crazy over the top cinematic action scenes and quick time events.

The quick time events actually feel pretty organic to the actual gameplay, it never feels out of place or tacked on in this demo.  Movements flow very well and controls handle very tight, the only thing that bugged me during this demo was the lip syncing. I don’t if this is a on purpose or what but for me, seeing the lips not match what they are saying just erks me.  But then again, maybe they are going for that authentic 90s anime dubbing feel.  This demo definitely has me interested in what the final product will be.  The demo is available for download on PSN and Xbox Live, grab it and see for yourself if you like it. Asura’s Wrath will be available on February 21 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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