Company Spotlight: Sega!!
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For the next few days we at Real Otaku Gamer will be covering Sega. We will talk about the history, our favorite games and some of the companies greatest misses. We will cover some of Sega’s advertising over the years, the good and the bad.  You will also see some the games that are begging for a remake, as well as the games that should never see the light of day again. We will also review some newer Sega titles and retro review some older titles. We are also posting some articles about what some of our Sega experts think they should do in the future. So enjoy the varied Sega content coming for the next week or so.

Check out some of the best ads of their day. SEGA!!!!

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  1. They don’t make commercials as creative & cool anymore. I see shades of mission impossible and Ghost in the shell in the bottom clip. Classy stuff!

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