Cupcheck’s First Second Screen Experience: WWE App

IPod Touch, Only One of Many Forms of Second Screening.

Now, this is only my opinion on the matter and even though I’ve only had one form of  “Second Screening”, this is going to be my overall take on it, going from TV and iPod connectivity alone and do not reflect the obvious differences of the Wii U.  After the first hour of a 3 hour episode of WWE Raw, I’ve got to say that I’m not impressed with the first experience.

The Good:

The idea of having behind the scenes videos during commercials is the best thing any company can do during shows, live or otherwise. What is normally bathroom breaks, is me awkwardly walking to the bathroom with my iPod and Tritton Kunai headset as I am keeping a eye on show content. During the live portion of the show, the app is continuously updating with polls and tweets from the fans as I browse the app after the video abruptly cuts off for  reasons beyond my control.

The Bad:
The content that updates while the show is going on, actually kept me from watching a Pay Per View quality match. I was too in depth with what the WWE Universe (Stupid Fans as Glen Beck puts it.) that I completely missed parts of it, and was super happy that they replayed the dive that Danial Bryan did mid match. This is the only downside to the entire second screening experience, as I have not yet dove into the other realm of watching while a episode of “The Walking Dead” is on.


What Did I Get From Popping My Cherry?:

Second screening is pointless. I’ve heard people talk about this awesome experience as people tweet, Facebook and interact with friends about what they are watching, but the only thing I’ve gotten out of it was a poor excuse to promote a app, and whore out their wares from their website.


As Far As Gaming Goes:

With the most recent updates to the Playstation 3 and the PSVita, they added the ability to play ranked and player matches on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken from your PS Vita to the console counterpart. Does anyone remember the Dreamcast VMU’s and the ability to have stats of your Madden, or Ready To Rumble matches on it? I do, and as shitty as it was, we loved it when we could take it to school and breed Chaos in the middle of study hall. What about using the PSVita for the ability to see your stats in sports or RPG titles? No one will ever think of it, because Sony is using the Vita as a handheld and not as a potential platform for a killer gaming experience.

What is your thoughts on the ability to have a “Second Screen Experience” and where do you think It can go with gaming in the next generation? Tweet me @CupcheckGE 🙂

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