DJ HERO 2 Demo Impressions
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Recently the new DJ Hero 2 demo became available on the Xbox Live Marketplace and on the PSN store. The demo showcases two songs that are playable as a single player and a third, that is there to showcase the new Battle Mode between DJs. The gameplay itself hasn’t changed much between the predecessor and this demo so anyone that has played the first game can jump right in and not have a steep learning curve.  The demo is like going from Guitar hero 2 to Guitar Hero 3, a good step up but nothing that you can’t wrap your head around. This is not to say that some exciting things aren’t taking place. I was personally blown away by the way free styling has been taken to the next level. In the first game it was simply pressing the red button whenever you wanted to in particular sections, which was the extent of adding your own spin on the game, in DJ Hero 2 this is available as well as free style cross fading and free style scratching. These options are only available in certain areas of the song but it can make every mix sound a little bit different than the next depending on the person with the turntable. The other impressive area was freestyle scratching, the fact that the turn table can tell the difference from short scratches and long ones, making different sounds surprised me because I did not know that the turntable was capable of this from the first game. The songs featured in this demo are Pussycat Dolls ‘Don’t Cha’ mixed with Pitbull’s ‘I know you want me’ and Deadmau5 ‘Ghosts’n’stuff’ mixed with Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ for the single player portion and MSTRKRFT “Bounce” and Estelle ‘American Boy’ mixed with Chic’s ‘Good Times’ for the other sections of the demo.  For more songs in the full game check out the website at for a list as well as clips from the songs.  DJ Hero 2 is definitely a title worth picking up once it launches in late October so be sure to check back for the full review.

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