Does Final Fantasy VII Promote Cheating?
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No GravatarA save file before and after "Boosting"With the Summer long gone. so has the release of Final Fantasy 7 for Steam, and there’s something that just bugs the living shit out of me, Character boosting.

Character boosting is only allowed if you have “Cloud Saves” active for the game saves to be archived just in case your computer takes a shit. When you go to the Square-Enix website, the boost gives you MAX HP, MP, and 50 MILLION GIL while you enjoy the story. “But Cupcheck, why does it bother you?”

The fun part about any Final Fantasy game is the grinding, to look forward to what’s ahead and be satisfied when you get there AND get the positive results when it’s all said and done. The anticipation of what’s on the other side of that one battle you have to grind for, is what makes a game for me. Diablo 2 and it’s expansion is a good example of the road one has to take to fully enjoy the story AND the grind leading up to the ending, where you defeat Baal.

Why only max out stats? Why not go all out and make the team fully customizable from the weapons and gear? The original release on the PC, and the PSX version with the GameShark, are able to let you do it so why not the Steam version? It’s just super annoying that with the ability to cheat, they don’t allow you to do it and make your team completely overpowered!

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