Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #3: The Final Arc
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Concluding the final series in a trilogy of Dragon Age comic series, Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #3 was just released today. As you know, Dragon Age was one of my favorite video games, and the first Dragon Age series is what launched me back into my love of comics. I’ve been following them ever since, from the awesome Dragon Age: The Silent Grove, followed by Dragon Age: Those Who Speak, with the story arc leading up to this final series.


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As the finale to the arc, this issue packed a punch, but the pacing seemed a little off. Anyone who is familiar with David Gaider’s writing already knew what the conclusion would be, so they went for no surprise twists. Instead, you’re left with an emotional tableau, a small disquiet that leaves you thinking, much like the choices in the actual game.

The artwork was very bloody and vibrant. While I think it matched the graphics of Dragon Age 2, I also feel that the characters were missing a little heart as a result.

Overall, I recommend all three of the series as a great addition to the Dragon Age canon and to add even more mysteries for you to ponder about Fereldan.


Willing to embrace an evil that once nearly shattered reality, Magister Aurelian Titus must be stopped. King Alistair and his allies have traveled to the realm of nightmares to do so, but if the cost of victory is to sacrifice his father, will Alistair be able to pay the price?


David Gaider, Alexander Freed
Chad Hardin
Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist:
Anthony Palumbo

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