Editorial: 7 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Indie Games To Watch Out For
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Indie games are a big part of the Nintendo Switch and the system already has many good titles available. There are so many great indie games coming though, that I wanted to give a spotlight to 7 games that are coming.


Heroes of The Monkey Tavern


Let’s start off with a  game that is coming very soon. Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is a rougelike dungeon crawler similar to Legend of Grimrock. With a first person perspective and real time combat, this game is one that fans of classic CRPGs will want to keep an eye on. The game was received very well on Steam and has been adapted for consoles already. With hours of gameplay at a decent price, Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is great for scratching that RPG itch. It may not have the deepest gameplay or immersion but it is a great experience that is not to be missed. Plus the portability of the game on Switch will make this great for long trips. Few seem to be aware that it is coming, and that is a shame as this is one Nintendo fans will appreciate.


Blade Strangers


Fighting games are not plentiful on the Switch right now ( not including the Neo Geo library), so whenever one is announced, it gets attention. Blade Strangers is a crossover fighting game from Nicalis that combines characters from several different indie games. What has been shown so far is an incredible looking game with anime inspired visuals and intense action. It may seem like a niche game, but for fighting game fans on Switch, this is definitely one to keep your eyes on when it releases next year. This will no doubt be a blast to play. and to be honest, more fighting games just means more fun. It is also great that this is a fighting game that combines several indie characters, something that is always a good thing.


Pocket Rumble


Sticking with fighting games, Pocket Rumble is coming to Switch as a console exclusive. The game is a throwback to the fighting games of the Neo geo Pocket Color and is designed to resemble them in look and sound, with gameplay based on two button controls that work well with an analogue stick. The game comes with built in multiplayer with the joy-cons as a result, but for those wanting more opponents, there will be a variety of online modes that will use GGPO for netplay. The game has been well received in Steam Early Access, and while it was delayed on Switch for a time, the product just keeps getting better and better. Though it may seem like a small title, the game will have plenty of content, including single player content, and have a roster full of interesting characters.


99Vidas: The Game

99Vidas: The Game is a beat em up inspired by classics like Double Dragon and Final Fight, as well as newer retro style beat em ups such as Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game. It is some of the most fun ever in a beat em up, with a large variety of enemies, great action, and cool moves to pull off. This is one of the better beat em ups in years and Nintendo Switch owners will get a kick ( and a punch or two) out of it. The way you can defeat your enemies is so over the top, and that is what makes this awesome. This is one I am very much looking forward to, because I know just how fun this is, and on the Switch, it will be even better with portability ( and hopefully HD rumble support).



Dragon Marked For Death


Inti Creates has been a strong supporter of the Switch since launch, with Blaster Master Overdrive, Mighty Gunvolt Burst and Azure Striker Gunvolt. Now they have a new game coming to Switch with Dragon Marked For Death. The game is a 2D dark fantasy action RPG made by a team with an incredible history behind them, including the makers of the Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX series, and from the brief showing in the Nindies showcase, this game looks to continue their tradition of quality. There will be a variety of roles you can take in the game as you make a pact with a dragon and set out on your quest. This is currently a winter title for Switch so look for it soon.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap released this year for PC and Consoles and it was a great game….but it was still a remake of an already existing game. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom however, will be doing things differently. This successor to the classic series will be a new experience and a new adventure for fans to enjoy. The game is being made as a love letter to the Wonder Boy series but not being held back by being too devoted to keeping things exactly the same. It will try new ideas, have new transformations and innovate in creative ways. The game looks amazing from what has been seen so far, and this is one that gamers of all kinds should be excited for.





Owlboy is a labor of love. It began development in 2007 before releasing late last year to great acclaim. The game was inspired by classic Nintendo games that the creator played growing up. The game has beautiful visuals and combines platformer adventure gaming with some 2D shooter elements that make the game feel like a spiritual successor to Kid Icarus. This makes sense as Kid Icarus is one of the major inspirations behind Owlboy. The game serves as both a loving tribute to classic games while still using new ideas to push things forward much like  Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, albeit going even further. This is a game that belongs on a Nintendo system and thankfully it is coming sometime soon!


Well these are just seven of the games I wanted to highlight. I may do more of these in the future. Let me know what indie games you are looking forward to and why.






The above was the opinion solely of the author and not necessarily that of Real Otaku Gamer or its staff.

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