Enjoy a lovely adventure in Poi Explorer’s Edition – Review
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A game was released for the Nintendo Switch which hopes to take you on an adventure. This is one game you may have overlooked but it is certainly charming for an indie game. In this game which has the vibe of an old school collect em all, you play as a young explorer out to see the world. Seeing that you can play as either a boy or a girl is a plus as it still seems many games aren’t doing this.

This game has you collecting explorer medals which really is a lot like finding something like stars in Mario games. You choose the level and jump in, and there are obviously other medals to collect but you should probably just stick to your objective the game gives you. This game is clearly lovingly designed and the characters do look rather nice. As you traverse this wide world in your ship that looks like a whale, you fly around to different locales. There quite a few of them, from a desert, to a seaside area, and much more. Your character collects medals and defeats enemies, and you do never know what you might come across.

This game is also cool because unlike a lot of games on the Switch, it also has its own achievement system. I know personally getting achievements of any kind make me feel good. This game does that and that in and of itself is a plus. While this game may not be the best, it certainly may be something some people would enjoy. I could certainly see younger kids enjoying this, or someone who just wants to play a game as a female character for once.

Poi Explorer’s Edition is out now on the Nintendo  Switch. So, if it looks good, download it go on a solid indie platforming adventure!


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