Everspace Growing: Everspace Encounters Review
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Rockfish has done the impossible and has managed to rebuild their original release of Everspace without needing to change anything but simply add. The new expansion Everspace Encounters is simply one of the best DLC for a game in this style.

The expansion adds one new ship to the roster, which is a medium fighter that has some great electric weapons as the basic starting weapons. While not the best ship in the game, it does help integrate the DLC well and serve as an introduction for new ideas and mechanics. It is also great that it includes enough device slots to use said new mechanics and doesn’t need to be purchased. It is available from the start, which again is great for people just getting into the game.

As I stated in my intro, Everspace Encounters doesn’t change much but adds instead. With new NPCs and missions, there is more than enough to keep veterans happy, but also enough to make the game just feel more complete than it did initially. This adds some significant challenge to the game and to be honest, to me this makes Everspace actually feel more appealing. Everspace had a lot going for it but felt lacking in several areas. Now though, the game feels more filled and lifelike, especially with space stations being added. These stations also give players the chance to do repairs and upgrades for the ships. That being said, don’t expect space to be filled with them, and you will have to keep an eye out for where they might be.

There is also something else I should mention. Everspace Encounters gives the chance to visit an area we hadn’t expected before and while I do not want to give spoilers, I have to say these missions blew me away. They were unlike anything I expected, and some of the most challenging missions ever. This is just a great DLC and if you have Everspace, you need Everspace Encounters.


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