Fable Anniversary Preorder Bonuses
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Earlier today Lionhead Studios announced 3 preorder bonuses for Fable Anniversary.  The 3 preorder bonuses are the Pirates Preorder Pack, the Snowspire Preorder Pack, and the Apollo’s Preorder Pack.

The Pirates Preorder Pack consists of a pirate outfit and a pirate cutlass.  The Snowspire Preorder Pack consists of a snowspire guard outfit and a “Jackarse” or rather a fish bat sort of weapon.  The Apollo’s Preorder Pack consists of Apollo’s outfit and a crossbow.

It seems as though you will have to look to specific retailers for specific preorder packs but there is no word on which will offer which packs yet.  The packs will be available on Xbox Live later this year.

Don’t forget! Fable Anniversary first editions will come with bonus content even if you don’t preorder.  The bonus content will consist of 5 outfits, 2 weapons, and an avatar item.  The outfits are labeled “Scythe’s Outfit,” “Black Graduate Outfit,” “Red Profit Outfit,” “Blue Guard Outfit,” and “Red Guard Outfit.”  The weapons are the “Lute Weapon” and the “Will User’s Sceptre Weapon.”  The avatar item is a lion head – “10th Anniversary Lion’s – Head Avatar Item.”

Fable Anniversary will be released on February 4, 2014 in North America, February 6, 2014 in Asia, and February 7, 2014 in Europe.

The image is from the Lionhead Studios blog which can be found here.

First edition copy information can be found here.

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