Fear Effect Reinvented Announced
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Square Enix Collective – the division at the publisher devoted to indie game development – has announced there will be a remake of the 2000 PS1 game Fear Effect.

French studio Sushee, who big fans of the original Fear Effect titles, contacted Square Enix a little while back to pitch a real-time tactical game: Fear Effect Sedna. Because it was such a radical twist on the IP,  the Collective team was interested, and afterwards they had a successful kickstarter campaign.

Now it seems the fans want even more, so Susgee has been working on Fear Effect Reinvented, a full remake of the original

 “Originally we wanted to see if opening up our back catalogue of Western IP could help indie developers to make a name for themselves, considering how tough it can be to make a splash with original IP. So when Sushee pitched Fear Effect Sedna after finishing on Goetia [a point-and-click adventure also published by Collective], we were open to the experiment.

“We’ve seen a good response to this new game – albeit presented in a different style to make it more appropriate for the budgets available at indie level. And so when the Sushee team suggested revisiting the original game, we felt it was a good idea, especially when you consider that as an original PlayStation exclusive, anybody wanting to sample it now would have a tough time.”

The game will be coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. Are you excited for it?




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