Feel Max’s Pain: Max Payne 3 News Blowout
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After two years of delays, a Game informer cover story, a this infamous teaser trailer ax has came back out of hiding with third installment of Rock-star games critically acclaimed and pioneering 3rd person action shooter, Max Payne 3.
Dealing with the Demons of his past, and following the events of the past games (Spoiler warning)His family has been laid to waste, and his loss of love interest in the second, Max has completely left the NYPD, US, and the world he once knew. Max is now a gun for hire. Max is hired for a job to protect a business man and his wife from being kidnapped or killed.
Max is back with his signature bullet time technique, an arsenal of deadly weapons, and combat maneuvers to go after the bad guys, and get the job done.
Rockstar is also working to bring the high octane action from the single player to the online. They have also brought back their developer diary series.
They Explain how they got Bullet time into the game; how they made the game different and accessible for players who are vets of the series and newbies alike; the design of the game from sounds to cinematic; and of course the weapons.
They also talk about the multiplayer modes Payne Killer, Gang Wars, and Death-match. You can even form a crew, and own the leader boards, with the ability to carry them over into GTA V. They even ramped up the Rockstar Social club website. It has deep stat track across all Rockstar Games and Gaming Networks such as PSN, XBL/GFWL, Facebook, and Twitter. It has deep game tracking (If you ever have hooked up any of your accounts previously then your in for a treat), total game time, k/d ratios, in game medals, achievements/Trophies and more.
Rockstar is going for the gold, riding of the success of GTA IV and Red-Dead Redemption for the muitli-player. They’re going to offer all the mutiplayer content for $30. Which would be cheaper to buy, instead of buying all of them separate with the Max Payne 3 Rock Star pass.
And here is the release schedule straight from rockstargames.com

June 2012
• Local Justice Map Pack

Summer 2012
• Disorganized Crime Map Pack
• Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack
• Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
• New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012
• Painful Memories Map Pack
• Trickle Down Economics Map Pack

If you preordered the special edition you will get the New York Minute DLC pack featuring multiplayer characters from max Payne one and two.
more info on that here

Even you are still having some doubts on the multi-player gameplay, check the dev series for those below.

Major League gaming has even put the game into their pro circuit. This game must be that awesome if it’s already on the card for gamers to compete in. Not even GTA or Red dead were able to do this, and this is Rockstar’s 1st game on the circuit.
Max Payne must have even been into comics or Marvel must have been into Max Payne, because Max Payne has a prequel comic, After the fall

The comic is being written by Stan Houser (GTA co-creator and writer for the Max Payne games) and some famed Marvel artist’s. It will fill the gaps between Max Payne 2 and 3, as well as give in-site on Max Payne’s childhood. The 1st issue is available here to read
Max Payne is even having a soundtrack with LA band Health and it is also available today
That’s not all. If you love hip hop and Max Payne, our sister site koalition.com and resident Dj Mr. Kenndy has dropped a bomb for your listing ears.
Max Payne 3 the mixtape

That’s it! everything you need to know. for future announcements and developments with the game check back here for more coverage for Max Payne 3, E3 coverage, Anime Con and Comic Con coverage, podcast and more all right here on Real Otaku Gamer.

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