Final Fantasy XIV Switch version still possible, “positive discussions” taking place
By Jonathan Balofsky On 24 Nov, 2017 At 12:43 PM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, ROG News | With 0 Comments

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Naoki Yoshida has mentioned having an interest in bringing FF XIV to the Switch several times, even as far back as 2015 when the system was just called the NX. He has since continued saying this and has revealed that “positive discussions” are taking place.

“I’d like to open it up to as many platforms as possible – we want to include as many players as possible. Not just Switch – even Xbox, if it’s interested in this, we’d like to open it up. We’d like to have it on as much hardware as possible. Even though the hardware might be different, they will be playing in the same world – it has to have cross server function. That’s something that’s at the core of FF14, so we’d want to keep that as a policy.”

“We have no intention to divide the servers per platform – we’re working with one big community. I’m interested in other platforms, of course – I hope those first parties change their policies or mindsets. I’m an MMORPG gamer – I’d love to play with many people globally, and we’ve been talking to those platforms about getting it on their hardware. Positive discussion is ongoing. It’s not as if we’re not doing anything – we are actually talking to them, and the platform holders are showing their attitude in a more positive way.”

This sounds like a possibility. Nintendo has not been opposed to features like cross-play with the Switch and that bodes well here. Would you buy FF XIV on Switch?



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