Freedom Planet 2 Announced
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No GravatarGalaxyTrail has announced Freedom Planet 2, a sequel to their hit Steam and WiiU game.


Here is some teaser info:

Join the heroes of Avalice as they face their greatest challenge yet! An ancient terror has emerged from the depths of the ocean. Merga, a water dragon from Avalice’s oldest and deadliest war, has been freed from her crystal prison as a consequence of the Kingdom Stone’s destruction. War is imminent once again, but this time, the heroes are split between sides. As friendships are tested, will the girls stand united when Bakunawa rises?

As well, here is some information from the developers about some changes they are making

We commissioned Taxman to recreate Freedom Planet’s physics in Unity and to assist us with general programming. The new engine is vector based, so we were able to scale it for the new screen resolution while still keeping the gameplay largely the same.

– Falk and a few VGO guys composed the music for the trailer; Falk himself will be assisting with mixing and mastering for the soundtrack. Woofle and I will be the main composers like last time.
– Christopher Sabat is providing the OkraTron 5000 audio production company in Dallas, Texas, so we won’t have any quality or balancing issues like in FP1. VAs who are international will have their equipment upgraded if necessary.

Some of the planned new features for the game:

– Lilac, Carol and Milla will all return as playable characters with updated designs and new attacks.

– There are more differences between Adventure and Classic mode. Adventure is geared more towards short play sessions and features a world map for navigating between stages, and it features a story that’s broken up into “arcs” that are around 2-3 stages long. Classic is geared towards a full play through in a single afternoon, and features a simplified stage tree along with multiple paths to the finale.

– A guard/parry system. There is a dedicated “Guard” button that, when pressed, creates a split-second shield that makes attacks pass through your character, not unlike air dodging in Smash Bros. This removes the dependency on special attacks to avoid damage and will let us get a bit crazier with our boss fights.

– Revivals. When you’re defeated, you can choose to spend an extra life on the spot in order to get back up with a sliver of health and temporary invincibility. If you’re not careful, another hit or two will make you die again and you’ll have effectively lost two lives, but during close boss battles it can be all you need to deliver a final blow without having to restart the fight. Outside of bosses, it also prevents a hefty loss of time by having to go back to a previous checkpoint. In light of this, Game Overs will now trigger a full stage restart.

– A more customizable difficulty system. You can collect special Gold Gems in the stages (or fuse them using regular crystals), which you can use to temporarily alter the rules of the game such as adding/subtracting starting lives, changing damage multipliers, turning all shield crystals into a single element, and more. It’s similar to the Cyber Elf system from the Mega Man Zero series. If you’re not a fan of the Revival or Guard mechanics, they can be disabled this way.

Here is the official website for you to go for more info. One important thing to note: On the website they specifically say this is the follow up to the hit Wii U game. Seems likely that this will make its way to a Nintendo system in the future.

See the official website for Freedom Planet 2.

We are very excited for this game but are you?

Here is the official teaser trailer:

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