Gory, Brutal & All Around Epic – Butcher Review (Nintendo Switch)
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When a game starts out by telling you the easiest setting is Hard Mode, you know you are in for an experience. This was indeed the case for me, with Butcher on Nintendo Switch, a 2D action game that made no false claims about its intensity or action.

Butcher can best be described as Doom meets Metroid meets Battletoads on NES. Its an intense action game, in a wonderfully crafted 2D world, and is one of the hardest games you will ever play. The action kicks off immediately with your character setting out to kill the humans, and the gore just keeps ramping up as you go along. I have no issue with gory games when done well, and this is one of the cases of gore being done well. The HD rumble is even incorporated well into the game to create a more immersive experience, and certain weapons were really well done with HD rumble integration.

I’ve seen some people complain that the game is too difficult even for its claims. But to those people I say, “Did you not see the trailer? The game’s entire selling point is hard gameplay and intense action”. It isn’t a one-hit death type of game either, with strategy being necessary in order to progress. Plan your moves and you will make it far. Rush in with guns blazing and you will be racking up deaths like there will be no tomorrow.

I also liked the option of bringing in a CRT filter, to give the pixel art style a true retro feel. It just felt almost natural for the game, and while this is definitely not a game you would have seen on an older Nintendo system, it is fun to imagine. If I had any complaints, its that certain button inputs felt awkward and some changes needed to be done. Still that is a minor complaint, and the game is well worth getting. This is not one to pass up!






A review key was provided by the publisher.

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