Infini: A Must See for Sci Fi Horror Fans
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Science fiction horror movies have gotten a bad rap over the years. Amazing movies such as Event Horizon and Pandorum have gotten poor reviews, and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because people just don’t like the genre? Or, maybe people just don’t understand that there are deep, overarching themes within the futuristic technology and settings? I’m not sure, but I do know that there is a little-know sci-fi horror movie called Infini that got a very similar reception. That’s a shame because it’s a really well-done movie which I would recommend to any sci-fi movie fanatic.


Infini is a 2015 Australian sci-fi horror film. It is directed by Shane Abbess and stars Daniel MacPherson as Whit Carmichael. The movie is set in the 23rd century, where there are deep space mining colonies that are responsible for a large chunk of the Earth’s economy. To get to these colonies, people use a form of teleportation called “slip streaming” that gives them almost instant access to far away places, though there is a lot of time dilation. Carmichael is on his first day of being on a search and rescue team (SAR) for these colonies when another team sent to mining station O.I. Infini comes back in a crazed rage, as some biohazard has come back with them. In order to avoid at lethal quarantine, Carmichael does a “dirty jump” to Infini while the rest of his team is killed. Another team is dispatched to retrieve him and figure out what exactly went on in the colony.

The movie is solid science fiction. The premise seems like it could actually happen. Add the suspense of rage-induced “zombie-like” foes, great acting, and an eery setting, and you have yourself a great sci-fi horror movie. Infini is not the scariest film that I’ve ever seen. That’s not the point of it. The movie is more blood and guts with a focus on how humanity reacts in a certain dire situation. It’s also not the most original film. Infini feels like a mash-up of Event Horizon, Pandorum, and the Dead Space franchise with a little bit of Aliens and Resident Evil thrown in. However, it has enough original elements to keep it interesting, and it was well-executed.


Many big-budget films focus too much on special effects. While that can be an important element in sci-fi horror, it’s the pacing, characters, tone, and theme that make the movie. Infini did not have that kind of a budget, but what they had they used well. Honestly, when I first watched it (yes, it merited watching a couple of time for me), I didn’t even realize that this was some indie movie from Australia. The setting was excellent, and it created a prefect tone for the movie. For me, though, it was the characters and theme that really shined. Science fiction should make you view issues that you normally wouldn’t want to discuss in a different way. I thought Infini did an excellent job of that.

Daniel MacPherson really did an amazing job as the lead. His character both looked like and acted like Commander Shepard (Mass Effect), which I absolutely loved. The viewer ends up both caring for and liking him as his leadership qualities show through, even though he is working with a different team and has many issues with them. I wanted Carmichael to desperately get home because of his pregnant wife and how much the character seemed to care for her.


The supporting cast were quite good as well. From Grace Huang as Claire Grenich to Luke Hemsworth as Charlie Kent, they added a unique and interesting feel to the movie. Obviously many of the characters aren’t as well-developed as Whit Carmichael, but they don’t need to be as the focus is on Carmicheal’s character. I particularly liked Luke Ford’s character as Chester Huntington and Harry Pavlidis’ character as Harris Menzies because they were probably the more developed supporting characters and could relate more to Carmichael as they both had children they wanted to get home to.

If you love good, solid science fiction horror movie, I highly recommend Infini. It isn’t a perfect movie (what is, really?), but it’s entertaining and will make you think. I was delighted to come across this movie on Netflix. It is currently (as of 10/12/15 in the U.S.) free for you to watch from there if you have a subscription. I say take a chance. You will probably love it.

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  1. Gehennakat says:

    I loved the concept of them only being gone for 52 seconds , but to them it was weeks. Sadly, I think the ending seemed rushed, but I agree the overall movie warrants a watch.

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