It’s time to fix the body in Transcripted-Review
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Have you ever wanted to fly a ship through a body, taking out vile entities? Well, Transcripted might just be the game for you. In this game you fly a ship through a body taking out cells that want you dead, while matching. Yes, while this game might be a match 3, it marries itself well with a space ship shooter.

As you fly through this damaged body, you must destroy viruses, and transcript them accordingly. Blasting a virus will give you a new piece to the puzzle and that is always good. It can get interesting when you are being shot at and still must try to solve the puzzle before you. You never know what’s coming next so you always have to keep an eye on the enemies as they appear.

Transcripted is an interesting game and one that I honestly wouldn’t have thought I would enjoy. It’s an interesting shooter on its own but with the match 3 element it really changes the game. I would honestly highly reccommend this game to just about anyone who likes either or both of these elements. Besides the interesting gameplay fusion there are many other good things about this game. There are 25 levels to beat and 5 different challenge modes. This will obviously offer up a lot of game play. As you progress through the story you will even be able to upgrade your ship. The cool thing is that it is completely customizable so you can choose how you want to progress. The music is also quite lovely and really helps to keep the game pleasant.

All in all Transcripted is a lovely game, that is isn’t too expensive. It will offer you alot of content and sometimes a cheap game full of content is just what the doctor ordered. So, what are you waiting for, there is probe that needs to fly through a body, and you are the only one who can do the job!

Transcripted is out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

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