Kid Used Sleeping Mom’s Fingerprints To Buy Pokemon Gifts
By Jonathan Balofsky On 28 Dec, 2016 At 12:06 AM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, ROG News | With 0 Comments

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Children can be very devious at times, and case in point, a 6 year old child decided she wanted to buy some Pokémon products for Christmas but was afraid her parents would say no. Instead of asking, she waited till her mother was taking a nap before using her fingerprints to use the Amazon up to purchase 13 different Pokémon gifts for around $250. Her parents were freaked out and thought their account had been hacked until the 6-year-old told them what happened. She said they shouldn’t worry and had even double checked to make sure the shipping address was right.
If you have kids, be very careful, they are smarter than you think, and learn fast.


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