Lost In The Holiday Shuffle: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

sonic-all-stars-racing-transformedIt’s a shame that one of if not the best kart racers to be released in recent memory isn’t getting the proper recognition that it deserves. This game won’t be getting a full review from me but I can sum up my opinion of this title. BUY IT!

First and foremost, the price tag is $39.99 in the US so it’s already cheaper than most new racing titles and it’s twice the fun. To be honest I personally hate kart racers. Mario Kart especially. It’s a fun game but the rubber band A.I. is so frustrating that I often had the urge to break my copies of the games at hand. Other generic kart racers don’t have this problem nearly as much but it can be just a tad too easy. This is the first kart racer I have played in recent memory where I am not mad at the A.I. There isn’t a “blue turtle shell” and I haven’t run into any rubber banding. The computer can just be relentless but not cheap. Once you gain the lead, you fight to keep it.

Did I mention that the visuals are outstanding a display so much by bringing nostalgia to the forefront with tracks and characters that my be obscure, Burning Rangers anyone, or just awesome memories like After Burner. Plus the stages change dramatically mid race so one lap you could be driving a kart, next lap you’ll be flying and the final lap will be in a boat. MIND BLOWN!!! There hasn’t been a racer that a done such feats…ever! And it’s seamless and awesome to look at.


The soundtrack is just right, with songs that fit the stages perfectly and accomdate for the intensity of the race. Plus the racer roster is huge and there is potential DLC for the game that was chosen by the fans! (I’m still pulling for Segata Sanshiro)

I just think this game is totally awesome and I know it was not on a ton of people’s radar but it deserving needs to be. I forgot to mention the feature that made me most happy as soon as I booted up the game. You can play any and all modes with up to 3 of your friends locally. That means online, career, battle, single, grand prix! And there are sweet unlockables that give that kart mods to make the race feel completely different! *sigh* just go buy the game now! BUY IT!

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