My Little Pony Trading Card Game Gets First Expansion Pack

The new MLP CCG game by Enterplay has been met with great success, and it looks like Enterplay is out to win the heart of bronies once again. Enterplay has announced the game’s first expansion pack entitled Canterlot Nights that will introduce Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as playable main characters. The game currently can be played with any of the “mane six” characters which use friends and critters to help them solve problems. Characters each have their own element and so do friends, and the game involves planning what elements and friends to use in order to get a perfect deck.

Canterlot Nights Expansion

This new addition is worth checking out, since it is possible both princesses might have advantages over the already established mane six. Enterplay plans to sell 12-card booster packs and theme decks. No word on whether a two player starter deck of the princesses might be released. The expansion will be out April of this year.

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