Not For Oprah’s Book Club: Natsume’s Book of Friends Review
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No GravatarSo here is GovPancakes with Real Otaku Gamer again with another anime review, this time it isn’t something as mainstream as Blue Gender, its more of a hidden gem called Natsume’s Book of Friends . Its about a boy who’s Grandmother was cursed by having the ability to see demons. She held amazing spiritual powers and could fight the demons. As a result she created The Book of Friends and sealed/made the demons she defeated slaves to her every whim just by saying their names.


Now in present time Natsume himself shares the same curse. His parents pass away and he moves from relative to relative while dealing with this curse. He runs to a shrine to avoid some demons and ends up releasing a powerful demon named Madara that takes the form of a Lucky Cat but can transform into a giant wolf-like creature. Madara informs then confronts Natsume about the book and tries to take it. Natsume defeats him and Madara decides to watch over Natsume while Natsume tries to release all the demons, and Natsume promises that Madara can have the book if he dies in return for helping.


Now I haven’t watched the whole anime yet I’m about 8 episodes in and I’m enjoying it a ton. Its a mix of an action/comedy/adventure. The music is pretty fitting to the anime nothing outstanding. The animation is pretty nice and the demons and characters are definitely remember-able and not just basic redraws of the same type. I’ve only found it subbed not dubbed and I’m completely fine with that. What’s drawing me to the anime is the story. Every time Natsume releases a demon he learns more of his grandmother and the demons himself. Also there are others with his curse that he finds that cause conflict. The story just grabs me to watch it.

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