New Miiverse Details, Coming To Smartphones and Browsers Soon.
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Talk at the Game Developers Conference is suggesting that Miiverse for Smartphones and web browsers will become available in May. When released, Miiverse on web browsers and smartphones will provide basic functionality, including posting comments, drawing, viewing posts and participating in communities. It was also confirmed that Miiverse is still coming to Nintendo 3DS. No release date on that yet.


Nintendo has also announced that it’s planning a large number of improvements to Miiverse over the coming months. Here’s a summary of the changes.

Players will be able to send and receive comments in-game.
Players will be able to see ‘Yeahs’ in-game.
Players can also follow users, and see who users are following in-game.
Users will be able to launch games from Miiverse Posts.
Launch buttons on Miiverse posts can contain program arguments, so it will be possible to boot directly to a certain level or menu in a game.
Can work with online data store for additional functionality.
User Sub-Communities (like Mario Kart 7?s) are coming to Miiverse,
Can be used to organize and hold tournaments.
First game to use them is Wii Fit U.

It’s exciting to see that Nintendo is hard at work at polishing the Wii U. With time we should have a solid console with block buster hit games.

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