Next Gen Gaming- The Breakdown
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No GravatarThe next generation of video games have finally arrived on store shelves and some if not most of us have had the opportunity to experience them first hand. Im here to give you my unbiased opinion on all three major consoles and what improvements are needed for each console to succeed.



While the Wii U has been out for a year it still feels left behind while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 feel fresh and new. That’s not saying the quality of the system is bad, it just feels a bit lacking in certain areas that other consoles even in the previous generation provided that the Wii U still doesn’t. For starters, it seems unacceptable for any disc based console to lack the ability to play a CD or DVD. Hell, the Wii U has no option for music whatsoever. As far as an entertainment console goes it definitely doesn’t succeed without it having rudimentary tasks. It does offer a pretty strong selection of games at this point in time, more so than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The innovation that Nintendo is bringing to this generation may not be enough for the company to last very long. I personally expect to see a new console from them in the next 4-5 years. The only real thing Nintendo can do is provide quality while it can. The main problem is the lack of third party support that Sony and Microsoft are getting. I guess only time will tell.

The PlayStation 4 is truly a console for gamers and it truly shows that Sony accepted feedback from their consumers and went forward to make a console with very bold ambitions. Some of the first improvements come in regards to the controller being so much better than its PlayStation 3 counterpart. The D-Pad is improved, the triggers actually are stable, the thumb sticks are more appropriately placed, there are grips on the sides for more comfort. My only complaint is the options and share buttons and the giant touch pad. It just seems kind of pointless and takes up too much space on the controller. Graphically its a powerhouse of a system and seems very efficient at everything it does. The only problem with the console in its launch state is that the launch lineup really brings nothing to the table. The two main exclusives are Killzone: ShadowFall and Knack. Killzone is a very strong title while Knack is not that great. Luckily PlayStation Plus is the most enticing thing to acquire with the console along with great third party titles.

ps4-boite-650x365So many aspirations yet not enough fulfillment. The main thing that pushes Sony in front of Microsoft is the price difference. I am still interested in seeing how it’s Gaikai streaming service is implemented when it rolls out in the later half of 2014. I do see something strong with this system…unfortunately it just isn’t in plain sight as of now.

Now last but not least is the Xbox One. This is probably the console with the biggest uphill battle ever since it was revealed. It was announced with promising feature and weird rules that eventually were changed to accommodate the demands of supporters. It’s now on store shelves and available to the masses…so does it deliver? I can thankfully say it works really well and seems like a pretty cool system. But there are some things that I would like to see later down the line.

136916150664The Kinect inclusion makes the price tag increase but it feels almost necessary for the system. The interface is simple to navigate but a little convoluted. Things seem buried within several menus and its just a lot to get through without using the Kinect. Other than that everything generally works fine. I would recommend that Microsoft provide an update to its interface in the future. Other than that the launch lineup is pretty strong in terms of first party. There is almost something for everyone and each title isn’t too bad. Ryse being the weakest title at launch shows that Microsoft still is all about the games and not just the entertainment. I will say it is strange that the company decide to get rid of a few key features that shouldn’t be that hard to keep in tact.

As for a final thought on every console, your safest bet is to wait at least a half a year for any system as the current gen is still strong. Don’t rush into anything expecting greatness because at this point in time it isn’t worth it.

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