Nintendo Direct 9/13/17
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It is here, the Nintendo Direct we have been waiting for. A slew of games were announced, and there is just so much exciting gaming fun to be had between the end of this year and  2018. Nintendo certainly delivered so much news, that I nearly couldn’t handle it!

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the first up. Necrozma is taking over both Solgaleo and Lunala. Duskmane Necrozma and Darkwing Necrozma are the two new forms resulting from this take over. The main characters have new looks for this game and there are even new clothing options. Along with new areas such as the Pikachu Paradise. Purchasing early will net you a special Rockruff with a move it usually can’t learn. It can also evolve into the newly announced Dawn Lycanroc.  Preordering early also nets you 12 Quick Balls if you do it from the Eshop.

Pokemon Gold and Silver Version come out on September 22nd, and you get Celebi. Celebi for the uninformed is a legendary from these games and is Grass/Fairy.

Two new ultra beasts, UB Burst in Pokemon Ultra Sun and UB Assembly in Ultra Moon. These two ultra beasts will clearly change things up when they attack alola.

Also coming out is an awesome Pokeball 2DS ready for game day!

With 3DS Headlines, there is even more news to be found.

Super Mario Superstar Saga comes out soon with a new mode called Bowser’s Minions saga. Superstar Saga is a remake of the classic game and looks absolutely stunning.  Minion’s saga is a brand new story revolving around the somewhat heroic Goomba captain as he searches for Bowser. Watch this story unfold alongside the main game and enjoy something new. There are stamp sets which also give out gear, and with the Koopa and Goomba Amiibo, you can get more stamp sets. The game and the amiibo launch October 6th!

Kirby Battle Royale is a tournament game with multiple game modes. Battle Arena Mode is the main battle mode but there are many other modes. There is also a story mode and Regional and Online Battles. Launching July 19th 2018!

Yokai Watch Psychic Specters comes out on September 29th, and you can continue where you left off. This is the ultimate form of Yokai Watch 2 and brings in new Yokai to befriend, and new areas to explore. With a free update on the 14th, original owners can update their copies of the Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls for a chance to play an updated blasters mode and even net Jibanyan S and Komasan S. Plus, when the game launches you can transfer over your save data and continue where you left off! This game launches Septmber 29th!

Layton’s Mystery Journey Katrielle and Millionare’s Conspiracy comes out on October 6th. There is an exclusive costume for the 3DS as well.

Minecraft is also coming to New Nintendo 3DS and is out today digitally though the packaged version comes out later. Play through this beloved game as you build and explore what you want. Having this on the go, is sure to be fun for any fan of the game.

Mario Party the Top 100 contains minigames from all ten Mario Party games. Your friends can download and play along with you, so you can always bring the party. Truly a great game to get, coming out November 10th.

Samus Returns comes out on September 15th, with new amazing powers, bosses, and a killer story. Vengence has a name when this brand new exciting game launches.

Atlus games is bringing four games ot the West with four games. Alliance Alive is the first and brings together 9 heroes and old school Early RPG in Early 2018. Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux with brand new content comes as well in Early 2018. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is also launching Early next year. Etrian Odyssey Beyond the Myth 5 also gets a demo release today!

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney comes out on 3DS in November. Join Apollo for great law busting action, in a remake of his hit first game. Fire Emblem Warriors comes out on the system on October 20th. Bringing both of these games on the go is certainly a good thing.

A great new orange 2ds is also launching.

Alrest is a sea of clouds and the land that Xenoblade 2 takes place in. At the center of it all is the World Tree, on its top is said to be Elysium, an idyllic place that factions are now in warring race to get to. What faction will get there, and who will be left in the dust.
Uraya, the territory is based in a titan. These people are strong in fire power but respect nature.

Mor Ardain are the rivals of the Urayan. Using mechanical powers to control the Titans. Using heavy power to annex the other nations.

Imperial Provice Gormott is a plentiful land taken over by the Ardanian.

Indoline Praetorium is a place that worships the titans. They also carry the Core Crystals which create blades and thus have strong power. Having them on your side would certainly help lead you to victory.

Argentum Trade Guild is a shrewd guild, who use there allies against each other.

Torna is the last group, and they use mischevious ends to do what they want.

They are all out to find the Aegis for their own reasons. Who will find it and who will make it to Elysium?

Azurda is a titan where the main character Rex lives on him and he calls him Gramps. He is a scavenger who meets Pyra, and vows to take her to Elysium. Of course he really does so, just to impress his new friend. Azurda also has a small form, a far cuter form.

You must travel across titans, which all have different worlds. You need to learn how to travel through these worlds.

Frotline Fighters are called Drivers and their supporters are called Blades. You constantly charge arts to destroy your foes. The Blades also have arts which they can use to turn the tide of battle.

By using core crystals you can awaken new blades. You can bond with multiple blades and you never know what kind of weapon you will wield because of it.

The Bldes are either Attacker, Healer or Defender.

Blade specials have four levels and they can cause massive damage.

It comes out on December 1st 2017.

Kelp Dome is coming back to Splatoon with new grates and extra turf to ink. We also get Snapper which is a brand new stage. The Tenta Brella comes too and it is a Tent Umbrella.

In Fire Emblem Warriors a new character is joining the fray. Lyn is joing in on the action when the game launches on October 20th. Also coming then are the Chrom and Tiki Amiibo.

Snipperclips is getting new puzzles to enjoy. With new puzzles and worlds. There are even the original levels with new forms for the characters. The game comes out on November 10th.

Morphies Law is a fantastic new shooter coming this winter. Hitting a Morphie will cause the hit part to shrink while the other player grows. This allows for alot of different types of game play, and for a truly unique shooter experience.

Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch, with Mario and Luigi hats and Nintendo battles cars. Coming this holiday, so get ready to battle it out with Rocket League on the Switch.

A Moba is coming to Switch with 35 characters and real time online battles. Arena of Valor is beta testable for free this winter. Prove your prowess in multiple game modes and find out if you can handle the challenge.

Skyrim is coming to Switch and you can npw bring this amazing game anywhere. You can be whatever you want to be, in a game loved by many. You also can get the Champions Tunic, Master Sword, and Hylian Shield with Amiibo or just through regular play.

Doom and Wolfenstein come to Nintendo Switch. Doom comes this Holiday and Wolfenstein the New Colussus comes 2018.

Flip Wars is launching online modes with ranking. There are new mechanics like spinners and magma which make your player harde to control. Will be free to owners of the game.

Mario Brothers is coming out for Switch. There will be new vs games as well. Mario Brothers comes out September 27th.

The Champions Amiibo come out November 10th. They will also bring out items, along with Divine Beast Armor!

NBA 2K18, WWE 2K18, and FIFA 2K18

Pokken Tournament September 22nd

Octopath Traveler is up next. The Faraway land of Orsterra brings 8 brave heroes together. There are 8 lands and 8 stories to be told. An amazing RPG exclusive to Switch.

This world is drawn in what is to be called HD 2D. You choose the whole story and who you interact with. Each character has there own skills and can do different things. Olberec can challenge everyone to a duel and Primrose can allure anyone.

Each character allows for different types of role playing.

You gain boost points every turn. You can use them to boost attacks and even chain attacks. Or use one to revive a friend.

Arms is getting new updates, and in comes Lola Pop. She has three tricky new arms including the Biffler, Clap Back, ll coming today.

Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Nintendo Switch. You also get an exclusive Great Saber Cub!

Kirby Star Allies offers you the chance to enjoy playing with Kirby’s enemies. You can share powers to create new abilities. You can even co-op with 3 other players. Plus, King De De Dee gets buff which a totally new idea for the series.

Steam World Dig 2 September 21st.

Golf Story
Nine Parchments
Battle Chef Brigade
Tiny Metal
Super Meat Boy Forever
Lost Sphear January 23rd 2018
Sonic Forces November 7th
Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 November 28th
LA Noire November 14th

Super Mario Odyssey.
New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom
Tostarena in the Sand Kingdom
Mount Volbono
Steam Gardens
Fossil Falls
Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom
Bubblaine in the Sea Kingdom
Traveling aboard the Odyssey a cap shaped ship. Using moons allows you to see more kingdoms. Collect them all and something neat may happen.
Talkatu, might help if you need help and Blue toad may also help for 50 coins of course. Uncle Amiibo appears to help if you use an Amiibo.
You can play minigames too, which will give moons. You can even try to best your friends near and far with score ranking.

Go to Crazy Cap and find new costumes. Get all sorts of goodies to decorate your ship too!

There is even snap shot mode where you can snap all sorts of photos. You can use it to make phone backgrounds too.

Super Mario Odyssey comes out October 27thand you can pick up all three amiibo same day.

With a switch set, red joy cons, and a switch case to buy seperately.

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