NIS Press Event 2018 Recap
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Nippon Ichi Software is a company that always works to make great games. This year is no different as they have even prepared a press event for the year. This is looking to be a banner year, and this list of games proves that.

The first game on the docket is The Longest Five Minutes. This game is a unique RPG in that it tells the story from the end of the game. The player is guided through the game via the main character’s memories. The player makes decisions that change how things play out as the player guides the hero to victory in the final 5 minutes. It looks amazing as it is like a classic RPG and has amazing anime visuals.

Penny Punching Princess is the next game, and it tells quite the story. A sidescrolling beat em up all about making money through battle. Bribing enemies and using coins to do just about everything. Play as two characters and work to right the wrong. Another great looking 2D game with a lot of anime magic. It looks rather cool, and even has an emperor beetle as the character’s butler!

With a stellar anime vibe and amazing voice acting comes Witch and the Hundred Knight 2! It is always great when characters in games are given voices, and this one is no exception. With a crazy cast of characters, this is looking to be quite a fun game.

Fallen Legion Rise to Glory is another solid game coming out soon. With great sidescrolling action and solid characters leading the way. The combat looks clean and the art style is incredible. The high action battles flow so nicely. There are also decisions that can make or break your game.

Birthdays the Beginning is coming to Switch as Happy Birthday! An amazing game that tasks the player with filling a world. Start from the smallest microbes and grow your world to the highest heights. With the Nintendo Switch version, take your game with you and enjoy it anywhere. The art is charming and it really looks like a perfect fit. Yasuhiro Wada even talks about the game and he is the creative producer. It is nice to see how excited he is for this game to be released to the world.

An amazing Roguelike RPG is next in Touhou Genso Wanderers Reloaded. This series is one that has been around for awhile and looks quite good. It has all the DLC and even more content.

Assault Spy is coming to early access and looks like an intense game. This game is similar to games like Hotline Miami. It’s speedy and chock filled with action and anime goodness. For a game maker’s first game, this is quite impressive. The combat is free and flashy and it really looks amazing.

The Lost Child is next and is another stunning game. The art is crisp and everything looks polished. It tells the story of a hero facing down monsters while the gods and demons play their parts. It really works to have such flashy characters in anime style. There is something about twisting what is in the bible to make something new that is impressive. A main focus of the game is monster raising which is also great. According to the creators, there is even evolution and the players will really grow attached to their monsters. DLC is also incoming which is always great.

25th Ward: The Silver Case is next and is cool because it’s never been released outside of Japan. A game that tells three stories that all intertwine. A rather twisted game with great visuals and interesting animation. Looks like quite the visual novel, one that would titillate anyone who got their hands on it.

YSS 8 Lacrimosa of Dana is next and promises to be quite the RPG experience. With stunning visuals and a vast world, filled with tons of characters. The monsters are huge and will do all they can to stop the heroes. An interesting game that has the characters crash on an island. The hero is forced to trek into the wild and rescue the people who have shipwrecked. The first print will get 3 trading cards and there will be a contest to choose the reversible cover.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy is the next on the list. A classic King of Fighters fighting game will all the traditional costumes. There are of course new costumes that might or might not embarrass your character. This game is a fluid fighter with amazing visuals and looks really fun. This game is a strategic and truly classic fighting game and one that both casual and competitive players will enjoy.

Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk is the last game to be announced. An anime game about an endless labyrinth that needs to be cleared. The game is voiced and from what is said it sounds rather nice. A game that is certainly troubling but can be fixed. This game can be played however the player wants and will send the player, Dronya and up to 40 puppets off into a wild adventure.

Clearly, NIS America is ready to pull out all the stops for the Nintendo Switch. It is so great to see companies really realizing how special the Switch really is. Here’s hoping even more games grace the Switch in the future from this amazing company.

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