Not Taking An Arrow To The Knee, Hanna Review
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I was flipping through the TV last week and began watching Hanna, the Eric Banna/ Saoirse Ronan flick. Why hadn’t I heard of this before, I wondered? From the very beginning, it captivated me, to my surprise; I had seen Ronan in film I wasn’t mad about…and Eric Bana was in it. But nonetheless I was captivated by the entire cast, as well as the half decent plot.

Basically, Hanna is an abnormal human lass who kicks ass. Maybe Bana’s former Hulk DNA rubbed off on her ( ok, maybe not). Trained in Finnish wilderness, she is fluent in several languages and raised with a false backstory of who she is.  Hanna is eventually tracked down by the ruthless CIA officer Marissa Wiegler ( Cate Blanchett) and Bana goes awol, trying to eventually reunite with his quasi daughter.

Even thought the plot isn’t exactly novel, I really liked the movie. The acting was good from the entire cast ( including Bana!!). The settings were also fantastic, really adding atmosphere to the movie and chase scenes. When Hana is in Morocco, she has a glimpse at the ‘normal’ life while spending time with a British family who take her in for a short period of time. The casting of the family was great, and the bond between Hanna and the two kids was perfect, in my opinion. This whole side story added an element to the movie that would have really been missed, if they had cut the scenes. It showed just how much so Hanna’s character could adapt.

Although I am a HUGE Cate Blanchett fan, I thought her character was the most boring. I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe it was a lack of character development with Marissa. She has one scene that I found to be pretty weak. Was it Blanchett’s fault. Maybe. Or it could have been lack of direction. Anyhow, that was the only real flaw I found in the movie. The ending was a little meh, but not horrid.

Overall, I highly recommend the movie!


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