Ozobot Announces New Evo Updates for CES 2018!
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Ozobot, the makers of award-winning coding robots, announced that a major update is coming that will reward Evo users:

Effective immediately, Ozobot is rolling out a leveling system that tracks users’ progress and rewards them even when using Evo without a tablet or smartphone. [This update] enables the company to reward Evo users for all the innovative ways they play, create, and share using the robot.

The update will be available to demo at the company’s booth this week at CES in Las Vegas. Here’s what users can expect from this:

  • New Level System: “Users can now get rewarded for and level up from their activities with Evo, from playing with Evo’s Tricks, to choreographing music and lights, to coding. As users level up, they earn coins which they can spend on things like upgraded avatars.”
  • Upgraded Avatars
  • OzoBlockly Update: “The app’s OzoBlockly section now features six sample programs that have been coded to highlight what Evo can do.”
  • Unplugged Play: “The new level system connects physical play with digital technology. For example, when kids program Evo with Ozobot’s patented Color Codes, which let them code their robots using nothing more than paper and markers, Evo remembers their activities and automatically rewards them the next time they connect to the app.”
  • New Design, Sound Effects, and Music

For more information, be sure to visit Ozobot’s website (and if you happen to be at CES this year, stop by their booth!).


Source: PR Email

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