Perfect Chronology returns Radiant Historia to its former glory-Review

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is a must have JRPG for anyone who likes time travel and owns any system in the 3DS line. It’s a remake of the 2010 RPG, Radiant Historia. This remake gives the game quite the facelift.

This game tells the tale of a soldier named Stocke, a classic JRPG hero. Stocke is quite the man and is ready to take on any challenge. Over the course of this game, Stocke will be tasked with something he’d never thought he’d face. At the beginning of the game, Stocke is given the magical book, called the White Chronicle. This book is at first blank but soon fills up with the events Stocke finds him entwined in. The White Chronicles is also special in that it allows Stocke to bounce around the timeline at will.

Time travel is an interesting idea to have in any game, especially if done well. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology does a great job at using this amazing phenomenon. Stocke is faced with different tasks that he can only complete by jumping between histories. This in and of itself might seem simple, but it really makes the player want to fill the Chronicle completely.

While the base game still had quite the story, some of the characters didn’t look as nice as they do in the remake. The animation in the game is done from the ground up and looks fantastic. There is even an anime opening with a solid song that really sucks the player into the fold. The characters themselves are also quite incredible. Each one of them has their own way of attacking and their own thoughts. It’s interesting seeing them react to and interact with the world around them. It makes choosing the party members more fun.


The battles are turn-based and the enemy side relies on 9 squares.The fact that the enemy’s side is always changing but the player’s side stays the same is, unfortunately, par for the course. The player’s side will always have 3 members but other benched characters can assist. It is up to the player to guide the flow of battle by knocking opponents around. It leads to an interesting style of battle where the enemies are literally pushed wherever the player wants to move them. This is certainly different than most RPG’s where the enemies stay where they are. This makes the game something that even masters of RPG will want to play.

There are also many quests to take on. These quests must be taken on and often take the player to old locations. The quest lines are fluid and the outcomes will change depending on if the player finishes them. One of the first quests the player undertakes involves a sleeping guard. If the player doesn’t get him an anti-sleep he will lose face with the other guards, and that just isn’t good.

Later on, the Historians will offer an even larger quest known as the Vault of Time. The Vault of Time is a monster-filled labyrinth. Within this labyrinth, the player can fight an infinite onslaught of monsters. It’s the best place to gain experience. The player also collects a new currency called Mementos. With Mementos, the player can buy special attacks and loads of healing items. This is really the best place to train and stock up on items. Just know that when the player leaves they will lose all mementos left over.

This game also adds other improvements to battle such as the new support system. While the characters all gain experience even when benched this system gives them a chance to shine. Through this system, the benched characters will jump into battle. If your characters feel the need to assist they will unleash special attacks that can vary in effect such as attacking all monsters in a row or critically hitting a single enemy. These attacks are special in that no MP is used. These attacks can turn the tide of battle and add an extra move. When more members are in the party more extra moves can be added.

If the player has never played the original version of the game, then this game is perfect. If the player is up for a long haul and a new game plus than playing the appended version first is the way to go. Playing it this way will allow the player to see for themselves why this game is so great. The player can also jump into the perfect version of the game which adds story and a new character, which of course is great for a returning player.

The new story really does add to the game and makes it worth playing for anyone who has already played the original. The new party member Nemesia is added and she adds to the game too, by changing things up. Of course, she is her own person like all of the other characters. Having one more character really does help.

But the real power of Nemesia comes in the additional story content. In the perfect story, Nemesia comes in contact with the player early on. She is a Historian like Teo and Lippti who guide Stocke and the player. Nemesia has lost special artifacts and it is up to Stocke and co to find them. Along the way, you will ride in her special ship and play through a third history. All in all Nemesia and her quest certainly do help to change the game.

Alongside the perfect version of the game is the inclusion of DLC. There is a wide array of DLC coming to the game starting with chibi and classic character portraits. There will also be quests starring pairings of characters and other quests that help improve characters.

Certainly, the game on its own is worth playing. While not necessary this DLC could add even more play time to an already massive game. It is rather interesting in its own way as it will pair characters who aren’t usually together. So if it peaks the player’s interest it may just be worth it.

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is quite the amazing game. The story is a classic time travel piece. The voice acting is superb and the quality of the game is stunning. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is definitely a game worth playing. If the player wants an amazing RPG adventure then this game is one worth playing. So get out there, join Stocke and co. to fix time for good in Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology!


Disclaimer: A review code was provided.

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