Pic a Pix Deluxe: Is It Worth Its Pixels?
By Stark Wyvern On 1 Feb, 2018 At 10:12 AM | Categorized As Featured, NINTENDO, Nintendo Switch, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Pic a Pix Deluxe is classic puzzle game similar to games such Picross.  It is a simple paint by numbers game that does crank up the difficulty rather quickly. Concentrating on the puzzle and its state will require thought, but only just enough to make the completion that much more exciting. The first puzzles start out at 5×5 and by the end will be 30×25, and that really shows how much work was put into this game.

This puzzle game might not seem difficult, but it certainly can be. Completing the puzzles takes a little work as the player has to successfully fill in each blank with the correct color. More colors are added, always increasing the amount of work needed to complete them. But also, in its own way, this increases the amount of fun. There are also black and white puzzles which have their own style of play, as the colors aren’t there to help pave the way. In black and white puzzles, there is a higher margin for error, as colors don’t bookmark where things should be. It is based on really following the guidelines and making the player think. With multiple DLC promised and with the first already out, this game is certainly one that can be played for a long time. Every puzzle also has a timer set which will allow the player to get a gold rank. This can make the game even more challenging as there are many who thrive on going gold in games. Beating puzzles in the quickest way is the path to victory.

Pic a Pix Deluxe is a solid game that builds upon its predecessors. On the Nintendo Switch, playing on the big screen certainly does change things up. There is also the ability to play with multiple people through the use of joycons which is just an added bonus. Playing with others really does turn up the fun, as now the player and their friends can work together to complete puzzles. Pic a Pix Deluxe really is a great game and one that helps break up the monotony of other games. Sliding this into the player’s game lineup may even help them learn to focus better. Pic a Pix Deluxe is a fun puzzle game and one that just about any puzzle lover may enjoy. So, if there is any inclination to do some puzzles, this game may just scratch the itch.

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