Play Rey’s Hero’s Journey in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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EA sent out the following


As we all await the release of the next beloved chapter of Star Wars in Star Wars: The Last Jedi™, we here at EA Capital Games have been working on updating one of its iconic characters on the holotable.

We are proud to present a new, limited event for players to jump into just as soon as they exit the movie theaters. Rey’s Hero’s Journey, which introduces The Last Jedi incarnation of Rey (Jedi Training) to Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is available now.


The limited event, Rey’s Hero’s Journey, introduces The Last Jedi incarnation of Rey (Jedi Training), where she assumes the role of a potent protector for the Resistance faction. While the faction has been known to feature strong attackers and support characters, Rey will be the first who takes the role of keeping others healthy by granting allies Foresight to evade attacks and keeping allies cleansed of debuffs,


But keeping the Resistance healthy is only part of Rey’s unique abilities in-game. Rey (Jedi Training) will wreak havoc on enemies by inflicting multiple debuffs and assisting in heavy target damage. The Last Jedi incarnation of Rey, also comes with a Leadership ability, offering players an alternative to Finn’s Leadership ability for more varied gameplay options.



Will you be checking this out? May the force be with you!


Source: EA PR

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