Podcast Pals: The Est. 1982 Podcast 102: Star Wars Battlefront II: The Gift and The Curse
By otakuman5000 On 30 Nov, 2017 At 03:54 PM | Categorized As Featured, Podcasts | With 0 Comments

In our attempt to help our friends in the community out, We are introducing The Est. 1982 Podcast to our readers. These are four young men from the Nashville area who are dads and husbands who are geeks at heart. I (otakuman5000) was lucky enough to be asked to be a guest on the show. We talk about the Star Wars Battlefront II saga and much, much more.

Check out the show right here.

About - I am a 44 year old Gamer/Geek/Otaku who has been gaming and watching anime since the late 1970's. I am a passionate otaku who loves all types of games, anime and comics. I have been writing about games since I was a young man. I am an entertainment retail expert and an avid game collector. You can always find me playing or watching something geek related.

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