Pokemon Company CEO Talks Switch
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Pokemon president Tsunekazu Ishihara was interviewed by Toyo Keizai recently, and the subject Switch was brought up.

Ishihara mentioned that he knew about it years ago as it came about and witnessed its various “twists and turns.” He stated that he feels the most important factor will be making the best use of HD Rumble.

When asked to say the relationship Pokémon will have with the Switch,  Ishihara explained that main series has been developed as a fully portable experience up until now. With portable gaming, the advantage is that there isn’t any gap between gameplay at home and battling/trading with friends outside. Switch is a home console that you can take on the go, however,  and so it has a nature that is a bit different from primarily portable systems. The Switch’s screen is slightly larger, and it has higher specs all of which affect the gameplay.

Essentially, if Pokémon is released for Switch, there will need to be different approach taken. He brought up how spin-offs such as Pokken Tournament and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon also exist, and mentioned that these kinds of games are in turn being considered for release based on how well they match up with the system. That said however, he didn’t confirm what if anything is in development at this time.


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