Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is a brilliant RPG!
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A beautifully and mostly voiced RPG  has come to Steam, with characters fully rendered in beautiful drawings that show off emotion like no other.

This game tells the story of the young King to be, named Kay.  Kay is a stupid yet strong willed man, ready and yet not ready to become King. After a hilarious moment involving an urn, Kay soon finds himself out of a Kingdom and is forced to revitalize an old castle town. This game is filled with different characters to battle with and enemies to battle against, and as you work through the game you will encounter an odd mix of weirdos who will inevitably join your cause.

The cool thing about the characters is that there is a chance to spend days with them and get to know them. With a love for Persona beating in my heart, I found this to be a neat addition. You get achievements for maxing out these relationships and the characters are all so different it is fun getting to know them.

Another interesting thing about this game is that you have a time limit up against you which is important. You have to complete a certain amount of tasks and with a huge laundry list, and quests taking multiple days, you really need to work. If you don’t complete enough of the main quests your game will end. Someone needs to pay back a huge sum of money and it won’t get done without due diligence from you and Kay.

It really is a standard RPG with different items to buy and a turn based action system. You can move multiple times depending on your movement skill and can attack once or more if you use special points. It really can get rather crazy out there on the battle field and you will have to keep on your toes like in all RPG’s.

Regalia really is a stunning game and all of its assets look great. The world is lush and ready for you to explore.  A vast map spread wide with possibility of adventure. A game that is as funny as it is serious and not shy to crack jokes. Really it has great writing and that makes the game even better.

This game is certainly worth playing. The characters are interesting and unique and you really root for them to succeed in their goal.  I’d highly recommend giving it a shot.

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