Review – Unepic: An Average Man In an Unaverage Journey
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Unepic is a complicated game to talk about. It is a take on the metroidvania style of gameplay, but does things a bit differently than most. This is not a bad thing necessarily but it needs to be addressed before a review can go underway. The indie game from Spain was made with a lot of Spanish ideas in mind that didn’t end up translating well to the rest of the world, in terms of narrative and humor. This can be difficult for some to look past, but I urge you all to do so.

Unepic can be best described as an IGAvania game with a fanboy slacker as the protagonist instead of a badass fighter, and it only gets more offbeat from there. The game subverts many of the ideas typically seen in the genre, such as being attacked by life draining enemies not ending when you leave that area. You will find those enemies have entered your inventory and must be manually removed. Its a nice touch but some might find this annoying as well. In fact, m major issue many will have is the inventory system in general. The system feels clunky, and relies heavily on quick buttons while the game constantly requires you to make changes, which throws off your rhythm.

Equally frustrating is that the art style often get in the way of the game. Some enemies blend too much into the scenery and even the environments begin to suffer due to this. It holds back what could have been a great game, as you will end up being confused with what you can interact with.

Now let’s talk combat, as this is where the game improves. Combat relies on weapons and magic as well as other items you can find, which is standard in metroidvanias. What Unepic does well though, is that the system is refined so that players can find a style that fits them best rather than just relying on getting new gear and powers. You have to plan out your character much like in a D&D game, which is fitting since the game begins with the protagonist at a D&D session before getting transported to the mysterious castle. Its a nice touch, and the game does feel more immersive because of that.

Is Unepic worth getting? I think it could be, but you should realize that the product is uneven.The high points are very good but the low points and pretty bad. You can find some enjoyment from this for sure, just be aware that this isn’t for everyone.



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