RxySurfChic’s Top Ten Games of 2010
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This year alone, there have been many fantastic releases and it’s so hard to choose what I would consider my ‘favorite’. It has taken some time to decide on what games actually made the list, but when it comes down to it, I don’t think you’ll be surprised by my number one choice.

10. Final Fantasy XIII – (XBOX 360 & PS3) – March 9th

Final Fantasy is a classic and you don’t have to guess why that is. From its breath taking graphics, to involving storyline, to even its innovative battle system. The thirteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series did not just raise the bar on graphics, but took it and threw it in the air. (This is Final Fantasy, what goes up doesn’t always come down). Its stunning visuals are the makeup over the fantastic storyline, which caught your attention and dragged you along for over 40 hours. In fact, the only problem with the game was that it took 40 hours to feel like an old fashioned Final Fantasy game. It is extremely linear until the 11th chapter, but once you get there, Final Fantasy grinders will have their hands full with grinding CP and getting the best items possible

9. Halo: Reach – (XBOX 360) – Sept. 14th

Halo Reach is the final hurrah in the ‘Halo’ series by Bungie.  I would have liked to have seen the storyline been fleshed out a little more, however I feel that they did an impressive job with the multiplayer. I was a tad upset with how the arced the storyline and I honestly wished that they would have fleshed out the characters more, so I could feel more attached. In my opinion, Reach campaign seemed rushed, but it makes up for it with its multiplayer. Reach plays differently from any other multiplayer shooters; you have to train yourself to play differently. And I like that. They took reach in a different direction than past Halo games, adding features that have a striking resemblance to other games (I am looking at you, Call of Duty). I would have to say these changes were unnecessary, because Halo had its own feel before reach which was different than today’s average shooters (ahem, COD). Bungie tried something new, and many fans have grown attached to it.

8. Heavy Rain – (PS3) – Feb. 23rd

Heavy Rain took me down a dark and turbulent path that I wasn’t quite prepared for, but had to endure every heart pounding second. I have recently played the game again a few different times, each time, doing something different that would ultimately change the fate of the rest of the characters. Heavy Rain grabbed me from the beginning and hooked me until the very end.

7. Fable 3 – (XBOX 360) – Oct. 26th

While I’m only halfway through the game itself, I’ve already been captivated by the amount of things do to, as well as the storyline. For me, the best kind of story is the one that will write itself through my actions and decisions that I have chosen throughout the game. Fable, much like its predecessors has achieved this perfectly. I have to say that among my favorite things to do is most likely tormenting villagers and this game allows me to do that if I choose.

6. Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold – (DS/DSi) – March 14th

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a sucker for Pokémon. I literally own every Pokémon game, but two that I lost. The best part about HG/SS is that it brings back a classic and puts a fresh new face upon it.

5. Dragon Age: Origins – (XBOX 360 & PS3) – March 16th

When Dragon Age came out, that is literally the only game that touched my 360 for almost two months. I was engulfed into the Ferelden and even entranced by the whiny bitch known as Alistair, yes I admit I fell for his pathetic puppy dog eyes, but in the end? Let’s, just say that I’m the only ruler of Ferelden…

4. Red Dead Redemption – (Xbox 360 & PS3) – May 18th

No one ever thought that creating a video game around cowboys would end up being so brawlic. However, Rockstar did just that, they broke the mold and broke the boundaries with Red Dead Redemption. The campaign is good, but what caught my real attention was how the setup their multiplayer and I’m not talking about the options for ‘Team Deathmatch’. I’m talking about the ‘Free Roam’. Nothing brought more satisfaction to my face then watching a party ride around Blackwater thinking that they own the place and ‘little ol’ me’ comes charging in with a Semi-Automatic pistol to rain on their parade.

3. Bioshock 2 – (Xbox 360 & PS3) – Feb. 9th

Bioshock is one of the few single player games that has really kept my attention, which is saying something. I liked being able to shock people with electricity and burning them to death with fire. I’m not sure what this really says about me, but in the game? I’m the one with the power, so who is to judge? Bioshock 2 takes a new direction with the back stories of how Little Sisters and Big Daddies came to be. Along the way, you get new abilities and new weapons to devastate your foes with.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops – (Xbox 360 & PS3) – Nov. 9th

There is a reason that Sergeant Woods won ‘Character of the Year’ and there is one word to describe this man. ‘Badass.’ Woods is just one character out of many that Treyarch allows you to connect with and care about. But let’s think for a minute, this game also has an amazing multiplayer too…The best part about it? Being able to call in puppies again. If you’re reading this Treyarch, you created an AMAZING game, but for the love of God, can you get rid of the RC cars? So, here’s to you Woods, I’ll expect a marriage proposal within the day or two.

1. Mass Effect 2 – (Xbox 360, PC,  PS3 next year) – Jan. 26th

It’s no surprise that Mass Effect 2 is my number one choice for my ‘Top Ten’. It has beautiful graphics, amazing and rooted storylines that could take you anywhere. For me, Mass Effect was more than just spending hours trying to search a stupid planet for a certain type of ore to upgrade this or that, it forced me to decide if it was worth taking the time to go about things the right (and the long) way in order to keep my team alive. Mass Effect forced me to make hard decisions, some that I didn’t want to have to make, but I had no choice. To me, Mass Effect is the ideal lover, one that I’ll come back to again and again.

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