Season Pass For Watch Dogs 2 Hacked, Reveals Details
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No GravatarUbisoft has posted a new video which unveils what gamers will obtain when they purchase the Season Pass for Watch Dogs 2.

The upcoming sequel’s Season Pass will include extra content such as new co-op challenges, difficulty levels, new outfits, new vehicles, and new world stories.

Psychedelic Pack
Hippies. San Francisco. A groovy weapon, outfit, drone, and car await, so you can wear the tie-die and bell bottoms on the day the game is released.

T-Bone Content Bundle
Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney will make his return and he’s still sporting his tropical trucker-hobo look with him. The T-Bone Bundle includes his truck, his outfit, and a new difficulty level for co-op activities that introduces a new enemy archetype equipped with advanced weaponry called Mayhem. The T-Bone content bundle will be available just under a month after the game’s release, December 13, 2016 for PS4.

Human Conditions
Uncover scandals in San Francisco’s science and medicine industries through several hours of content spread across three new world stories. Additionally, this content unlocks elite co-op missions that feature the Jammer – an enemy that possesses the technology to hunt Marcus down. This will become available to play in Spring 2017.

No Compromise
Marcus takes on the Russian Mafia in a new world story that exposes an even more dangerous side of San Francisco. Players will experience a new co-op mode called Showdown where only the best players can survive. No Compromise will be arrive in Spring 2017.

Root Access Bundle
A Zodiac Killer copy-cat is leaving new messages from Marcus to uncover and decipher all over the Bay Area. The bundle includes new outfits, cars, a drone skin, and a new weapon, and becomes available this Winter.

Gamers can purchase the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass two different ways. Purchase the Gold Edition of the game for $99.99 and save $9.99 and all of the above items will be included with a savings of $9.99 , versus purchasing it separately at a cost of $39.99. Watch Dogs 2 will be released on November 5, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC players will have to wait a couple of weeks when the version becomes available on November 29, 2016.

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