Six Months Left To Set Things Right – Review: This is The Police (Switch)
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Have you ever wanted to be a grizzled cop, weeks from retirement? Well, then This is the Police is the game for you. This is the Police sets you out on a mission to keep a city safe from harm, to the best of your ability. With a story of a heroic and grizzled cop intertwining with daily life, you need to do all you can. Jack, just wants to live life without any drama, and in his last half of his year as captain, he just wants to get out unscathed.

Jack has always done right by the city and its people but doing right doesn’t make things easy. Never doing wrong, he has found himself in the crosshairs of the Mayor. The Mayor is a crooked villain who is just out for money, and Jack isn’t up to playing his games. Thus, he is being run out of his office, and decides the only way to go out is by collecting 500,000 for himself. Jack has lost his wife to a younger man, and is forced to make decisions that can change his life’s path. As the Captain of the force, it is your duty to send out cop’s on emergencies. Depending on the severity of the crimes, more or less cops are needed. Cops can die in the line of duty and that lowers your group. You can hire and fire cops as necessary, but it is up to your discretion. Hiring cops allows you to bolster your ranks. However, if you fire a person for no reason, you will get penalized.

This game is actually a real time managing game, and you will have to be on your game to win. Sending the wrong cops out for a job can result in both of them dying. You will need to pair them up efficiently, and make sure to read what the crime is right. Sending out cops also can lead to trouble as if a cop goes out on to many missions he may become tired and thus fail. Cops also have extra differences that are unkown to the player before finding them out. You could find a lazy cop, that always just does the bare minimum. It is up to you to figure out these issues and use them to your advantage.

As the game progresses, you will also have to deal with your cops joining the enemy. Besides the  Mayor, you also have to face Robespierre another force in the city. You will have to face either of these people by choosing the opposite side. This leads to the game getting far more intense as it progresses. The game itself is also done in quite an interesting style, where only the most important features of a person’s face are shown. You don’t see all the emotion but you don’t need to. The storyline is voiced and will tell you all you need to know. The story is actually very well written and you can tell a lot of thought was put into making this game. This is clearly a game that somebody put their heart into making.

Will Jack retire with his 500,000 dollars and his dignity intact or will he fail. It is all up to the player and your judgement. Don’t let this man down, he just wants to retire, and get away from the trouble the Mayor is willing to put him in. This is the Police is available now on Nintendo Switch amongst other systems.

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