Space is Hell in Orange Moon
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Orange Moon which is out now on Steam, is a classic Metroid inspired space shooter. You find yourself on a strange orange planet, and things seem a little off. You have no idea what is out for you, but suddenly you are under attack. This planet is not too happy to have visitors and everything that appears wants you dead. As you continue forward, you get a call from an undisclosed number. This man is here for you, or so he says, but what does he have to gain from you?

Orange Moon is a tried and true Metroidvania style game. A game that will not hold your hand but will set you up and send you on a journey. This isn’t a walk in the park and will require your vigilance. In Orange Moon, if you don’t pay attention you will surely die. From the wicked plants that poison you to death in a few moments to the zombie-like aliens, you better be on your guard.

This game isn’t a terribly long one, with only 9 levels to get through. But it gets harder as you find more enemies to take you on. Though you are in luck, this game has an upgrade system. Feel like your weapons are a little too weak, well you will strengthen them in due time. Make sure you upgrade the right ones for the job.

Orange Moon is a harsh game just like the world you find yourself on. It is unforgiving and will have you trying different ways to beat enemies. With so many weapons at your disposal it should be easy, right? I found this game to be decent, and certainly reminiscent of Metroid style games. This is a true survival type game, and I found that the jetpack really weakened my ability to play through.

The Jetpack while cool in theory, makes it so you can’t jump. You have to use the Jetpack, which decreases your energy gauge. This makes for even harsher gameplay, as you need to jump often, but you don’t want to run out in case something comes for you. Though thankfully there are collectibles for refueling along the way.

Orange Moon, is a solid game for anyone who wants to return to an earlier time. A game that will test your mettle, just like the astronaut you will play as. Will you solve the mystery of this planet? Will you find out who your shadowy friend is? Will you make it off this orange rock alive? Find out in Orange Moon on Steam!

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