SquareEnix’s Luminous: Could This Be the New Standard?
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No GravatarAmong the throngs of people at the SquareEnix booth at New York Comic Con, I was shoved left and right as I gawked at the trailer for Final Fantasy: Agni’s Philosophy. It had been what seemed like ages since a Final Fantasy game was released, and although so many of them have come about, the games seem to be hit or miss ever since the merge of Squaresoft and Enix. I couldn’t help but be awestruck at what was displayed before me.

Agni's Philosophy2SquareEnix revealed this cinematic short at E3 2012 and at the Sony conference back in February, however it was stated that this is not a game trailer, but a reveal of their new Luminous game engine. They made this FMV to display its beauty and glory, which earned a huge fanbase pleading for it to be a full length game. Although there is no confirmation that this game will come to fruition, an official website was created to ask people’s opinions on what they saw. The Luminous engine conveys in depth facial expression, emotion through the pupils, and every strand of hair.

Watch the tech demo and be blown away like the rest of us.


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