Stocks For Nintendo Bounce Back to Normal. No One Noticed.

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Today stock reports reveal that Nintendo’s stock (which has taken a beating in the past few days) has risen to more stable points. Recently, reports have been going around that the Big N’s stock has dropped around 18% (later in the day it was revealed to actually be 6%). Gaming media sites have been jabbering about the news all week with comments being made like “Nintendo is doomed” or “This is it”. Under all this unwanted pressure Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata had to address his future with the company – stating that he has no intentions of stepping down anytime soon. With this slight comeback in stocks it seems that shareholders may not be in a hurry to rush Iwata out the door. On a more personal note it has come to my attention that some, if not most, gaming sites don’t really report on Nintendo’s increases in stock or their successes as of late, rather Nintendo is usually spoken among media outlets in the negative sense. Whenever the company suffers a blow or doesn’t make their projections, it’s hot news! Not saying that all news about Nintendo is negative these days but it’s apparent that a lot of people are more hyped for the games and not the company that produces them.

In light of this development I do hope that Nintendo’s Wii U will find a more stable base in the future and pull the Big N out of the negativity.

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