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Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

As in a press release, well, released to the press on October 15th, shows that the “Elite” feature that was a paid service in the last game in the series, will be completely free.

“We’ve learned a lot in our first year of Call of Duty Elite, and we’re very proud that we over delivered on our commitment of playable content to our premium members,” said Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg.  “What we have realised is that several of the Call of Duty Elite services which are currently only available to our premium members for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 are things that would further unite, engage and delight our player community.  So we are going to make them free for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. For Call of Duty: Black Ops II, DLC Map Packs will be a separate offering from Call of Duty Elite.  The Season Pass will be a great way to acquire all four Map Packs at a discount, but if our fans would rather take it one Map Pack at a time, then we’ll offer each pack á la carte for anyone who wants it.  What we aren’t doing is requiring a paid membership to access the great player services for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and we’re thrilled to offer all of Elite’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II features to players for free.”

So, they are finally getting around with what they should have done in the first place? HURRAY!!


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No GravatarLast year’s Pokemon Black/White version were a step forward in the series, as the games added things to the franchise, but left people wanting more with its lackluster after game, thankfully, the sequel remedies those problems, but the series is in need for a serious innovation shot, as the core formula is obviously dated.

But for now, Pokemon Black 2/White 2, the first numbered sequels in the franchise, bring some changes that as small as these are, help the game from giving you a feeling of “been there, done that.”

The story begins with your main character, as always, you can choose from the guy, or a Princess Leia/Sailor Moon look-alike, as you begin your journey, in a city, which is one of the minor aesthetic changes the game is bringing, soon after your mom gets a call from Professor Juniper and basically FORCES you to take part on the journey, you go outside and meet Hugh, your friend/rival who then accompanies you to meet Bianca, who in turn gives you your first Pokemon as your first step to beginning your journey.

Many avid fans may have noticed the minor differences from other games in the series such as the lack of an actual professor or again, the fact that you begin the game on a city.

Both versions run on the same engine the predecessors did, with only minor graphical enhances, some may not notice them, but the changes are there, although, the Pokemon still being just sprites kind of takes you out of it, this problem will probably be resolved in the next generation, but going from a 3D environment to a 2D sprite, it just feels off switching between both styles, but that’s just me.

The music is your usual Pokemon road/city fare, as it fits with the area you are in, such as the music being “mystical“ in caves as well as sounding “adventurous” in the more open areas , the music in battle is certainly a better thing though, with remixed versions of the Gym themes, and Wild Battle themes, and quite a few surprise remixes for those who will keep playing after the story is long over, to the awesome new themes, such as your Rival’s, and this has got to be the best soundtrack in the series.

The core mechanics of the games are essentially the same, turn based combat with only the minor additions that the previous versions have brought, such as double battles, separating the type of moves into physical and special attacks etc.

You will have to battle gym leaders, a returning Team Plasma (shocker) and a new villain called Colress that is surrounded in mystery, as well as battling other trainers, but you won’t be alone, as there are more than 300 Pokemon for you to chosse, so if you are one of “them” you have some variety and can other creatures besides the ones the 5th Gen brought.

Even though the battles are the main focus, there is some addition that helps the game a bit, you can make movies (sort of) even if you are more of an actor, (apparently green screens effects are so advanced that even your outfit and pose changes) and it’s fun figuring out the puzzles that they give you to figure it out on the scripts, that become more complicated as you go on, and I have to say that’s the only good extra addition (I don’t consider much a “battle” more of a follow the scripted moves and others) and there is the other thing; the Pokemon musicals, and those are as underwhelming as before.

But wait, there are more additions, with the Global Link, and its Dream World, that allows you to use your computer to play with a Pokemon you send to sleep from your DS game, the only obvious disadvantage is that you have to have internet.

As I mentioned before, the game has some extra additions and minor details, such details are things like Max Repel running out and the game asking you if you want to use another one, which helps stops the game from breaking the pace, there are also other additions such as the hidden grottos that contain Pokemon with special abilities and other rare items, you can see flashbacks (if you connect any of the original versions with the game synch mode) as well as capturing N’s Pokemon he released in the previous games, that is a cool detail added to this game.

The game has tons of after game content, you can catch the legendaries that are all around Unova; fill your Pokedex, build your perfect team, and go to the Battle Subway, but the best addition is obviously the World Tournament, which allows you to battle Gym Leaders and Champions from past games, and even if this is just fan service, it’s REALLY good fan service.

When you finish the main quest, you unlock “keys” that you can transfer to a friend in order to unlock extra content, such as easy mode, or even better Challenge Mode, that gives you the ability to play the game with your enemies’ Pokemon having a higher level, or Gym Leaders having an extra Pokemon, other keys unlock different areas that you can change from the main menu, the only way to receive all the keys is if you have someone else with opposite version of the game, of course, you got to have friends, the same goes to trying to complete the monstrous amount of Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Some extra additions that come only with people who will play this on their 3DS, as they will have access to the Dream Radar (which will allow the ability to capture Pokemon to transfer to the games) and Pokedex 3D Pro (which will contain every Pokemon along with moves and other information) this being an incentive for every 3DS user.

In all honesty, this is one of the best games in the series with so much to do, and if your mind isn’t clouded with nostalgia, and even if you are drugged on it, the inclusion of past Pokemon will probably make you love it, but if you aren’t a Pokemon fan and you never liked the series to begin with, this isn’t a good addition, since the core of the franchise hasn’t really changed that much.

I give this game a 4 out of 5 because even with the extra content, is still an expansion (less than before of course), but Game Freak is moving in the right direction with this, and hopefully we will see some surprising changes for Generation 6.

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No GravatarI know, I’m late to the party, but better late than never.

Most of us gamers know Kingdom Hearts, most of us love it, some of us hate it, but there is no denying that the franchise is one of the most acclaimed, along with Final Fantasy itself.
Hey! As much as some don’t like it, it’s true.

Well, the latest game in the franchise is here, with Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance, the actual sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2, not counting Re:Coded of course.

The game begins when Sora, and Riku are staring out in the distance from their hometown in Destiny Islands, looking like their younger selves, for no apparent reason…. Ok… Trying to confuse us from the get-go, huh?
Well, it worked.

Then, after having a tutorial battle with Ursula, both teens fall into the ocean at which point summon their Key blades (the game’s sacred weapon of sorts), in order to seal the world’s keyhole.
Then, the game’s main plot is revealed through a flashback, one of the things I liked, is that you are asked whether you want to see it, or not, but most are important, so I would recommend watching them in order to understand the plot.
Apparently, Sora and Riku are taking the Mark of Mastery exam in order to become Keyblade masters, this exam is given to them by Yen Sid, the wizard.
The exam consists of waking 7 sleeping worlds one of them being Traverse Town, in which both Keyblade wielders wake, ready to begin a new adventure.

Graphically, the game is one of the best looking on the 3DS, although I have to say, the frame rate will slow down if the action gets too frantic.

The 3D itself is nothing to write home about, but it works, and is actually useful on the parts where you dive into the worlds, which I’ll explain later on.

In terms of level design, the worlds are much open than before, and there are tons of hidden treasure chests this time around, that will have to be searched for thoroughly, a task done before, but expanded upon thanks to the Flowmotion system which I will talk about when I get to the gameplay.

The music is, well, “ok“, Yoko Shimomura is well known for her incredible musical skill, and don’t get me wrong and raise a riot, but her previous works were amazing, which is the reason why I’m bummed out by the lack of memorable themes in the game, although, there is a fun idea with the music in a later world, which I personally loved, not to mention the tracks played near the end of the game that I just find great.

The gameplay is divided in 2 different parts, Diving is a minigame that allows you to enter the worlds by fulfilling certain conditions while free falling, such as destroying certain number of enemies, or getting a number of orbs.

Also here, is the combat system that should be familiar to people who have played this series before, containing a mixture of classic action/RPG combat, which is destroying an enemy, get experience, level up, the usual, combined with the now well known deck command system, which consists of different unlockable command attacks via Dream Eaters (more on that later), or at the store which can be fun as you combine different commands to unleash hell on your enemies, you also unlock extra key chains that affect your Keyblade’s stats by finishing a world, and get healing items, customization materials (for Dream Eaters), as well as Droplets.

Speaking of Droplets, they are used in conjunction with the new Drop System in which you switch characters automatically after the Drop bar runs out, the droplets will power up the character about to be used allowing boosts in attack, magic, and so on, although it can get annoying, specially if you are fighting a boss, since the battle will reset, but this can be remedied by using the item Drop-Me-Not, which restores the Drop bar.

Dream Eaters will be your Donald and Goofy in this game, from the Spirits section, you can play with them, or feed them in order to level their stats, you can also create more Dream Eaters by using recipes or choosing an item and using it with others randomly in order to create a new creature.
The problem with the Dream Eaters is that they hold your abilities belt, only allowing to unlock abilities only if you level them up and use points to unlock them, which can get annoying if you don’t have the right Dream Eaters to get the abilities you want OR need.
Other additions are the Flowmotion and the Dive system, flow motion allows you to bounce on walls, grind on rails and spin in poles each time giving you a different attack pattern that is unblockable by most enemies, this may lead to the overuse the ability making the combat repetitive at times.
The Dive system though, can be quite fun at times, giving you different ways to interact with it, whether you draw lines towards enemies to attack them,  play a small rhythm game, and doing a finishing move afterwards, or even hacking into a computer or even enemies, helping to change the outcome of the battle, note that the minigame depends on the world you are in, but that helps keep everything fresh.

I give the game a 4 out of 5, because even with its flaws, it doesn’t detract from the fun, but get ready to be slightly annoyed trying to get the one Dream Eater that holds that coveted command, still, this is a great game that will bridge to the anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3, that hopefully, will be released this decade.

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Novus AEterno_logo

Novus Aeterno is a MMORTS game that takes place in outer space. Although I’m not an RTS player myself, I often watch my friends play and bemoan my lack of ability to multi-task well enough enough to play. I was still interested in checking out Novus Aeterno because it looked, for lack of a better term, pretty.

Novus AEterno Screenshot


The story of Novus Aeterno begins within the aftermath of a catastrophic destruction of the main five empires that had dominated the galaxy. The Verunas, Azsendi, Acaean, Cauldron Born, and our own Human civilizations reached a high point in domination over their portions of the galaxy. The old empires are now no more and the galaxy is without any stable authority. The player can now enter the scene and determine the course of events between the conflict of various factions and the persistent outcome of further events.

As I waited for our meeting to start, I noticed two young ladies waiting at the edge of the stage. I heard one of them exclaim “Ooh I saw this game I can’t wait to play it!” Intrigued, I followed Nick Nieuwoudt, CEO and lead designer, to the podium to check out the game.


Being a space-lover and an RPG fan, the concept of space ships and their crews almost being like a character in an RPG was very interesting to me. When you first create a ship (after mining ore and creating parts etc.) that ship will originally have a low level crew. Eventually, as you build up your skills, the ship will receive a more veteran crew, and you will be able to create better, if more expensive, parts for the ships. Along with the basic stats, the different races also have different traits.

Novus AEterno Ship Editor

You have to be really mindful about what your planet is used for because you have limited space. Is this a mining planet or full of factories or more balanced?

Another fun aspect is the fact that you are pretty much constantly in danger of being attacked by someone. How you position your ships and the strategies of flanking, etc. will dramatically affect the outcome of this battle. I watched Nieuwoudt utterly destroy someone else’s fleet. He also showed me a cool tactic, blowing up big ships to damage the surrounding ships in the fleet.

Nieuwoudt emphasized that he really just made the game that he and his friends wanted to play. Strategy and tactics take the forefront, along with the ability to play with 30,000 other players in the same galaxy. There are over 10,000 galaxies available at one time, a pretty exciting aspect for an explorer like me. The game will have no match making and competition between players and natural threats can happen anywhere within the massive scale of the galaxy that will be connected with no loading screens. The entire galaxy of Novus Aeterno will exist on a single global network provided by Taitale’s unique server architecture. Players will be able to play with every other player on the network.


I asked Neiwoudt if there were any females in the game. He answered with an enthusiastic yes.

Treasure Hunter Concept Art

Treasure Hunter Concept Art

“Why can’t women be admirals in the military?” asked Neiwoudt. He went on to say that he wanted to create women that were really strong and not the stereotypical female characters. As you can see from the concept art, he made good on his ideals. I love these women and female races. Neiwoudt’s personal favorite is the Cauldron Born.

Cauldron Born

Cauldron Born Concept Art

The races themselves sounded very intrigueing, with aliens that actually looked alien, including a race of crystal-trees thingies!

My Opinion

Based on the preview, I would say this is definitely a game to watch out for. This labor of love is smart and sharp and I’m really looking forward to giving it a try.

Huntress Concept Art

Huntress, Concept Art, Novus Aeterno

Weapons Officer Concept Art

Weapons Officer Concept Art

Female Consul Concept Art

Female Consul Concept Art

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At PAX Prime I had the chance to check out Bust-N-Rush, a 3D endless runner, with Leif Dahl, the creative director, and Scott Miller, the CEO, of Techtonic Games.


The first thing I noticed was the old-school vibe the game gave me. The way they used music, the difficulty level and the ability to challenge friends to beat your high score all worked together to give a very arcade-game vibe. On the other hand, the game is perfectly modern, supporting social media interaction and featuring 3D graphics.

Something that sets Bust-N-Rush apart from many other runners is the procedural level-generation system. The levels are being built as you play, almost at random, so the player can’t memorize the layout of the game. This increases the fun, challenge and replay-ability of the game. I asked them if it was possible to get something impossibly hard, like three pits in a row, and they assured me that they have systems in place to prevent that from happening.

Bust-N-Rush Screenshot

If the player continues to survive, the level gets more and more complicated. Interestingly, so does the music. As you begin, the music has one chord. As the level progresses, other notes and instruments enter, until eventually you have some complex yet oddly exhilirating and exciting music. This was another little touch that gave me the old-school vibe.


There are three different levels with different difficulty as well, underground, in outer space and in-doors.

There is also a Transitional level (only available in the special edition) which combines pieces from all three levels.


Bust-N-Rush has three modes: Survival, Quest and Bust a Friend. Survival is the standard mode, where users must avoid obstacles such as chasms and whatnot and Quest mode adds the element of tasks to this standard mode. The player runs up to a quest icon and then attempts to complete a task while running the course.

I played Quest mode and let me just say that, for someone who does not normally play runners, these quests are both simple yet challenging. I was unable to complete any of them on my first few tries.

Bust-N--Rush Screenshot Space

The Multiplayer “Bust a Friend” mode allows users to challenge friends from social networks and earn spots on leader boards. Basically, you get an awesome score, then you use the in-game system to challenge a friend to beat you. They can hop on right away or answer the challenge whenever they feel like it. The two of you can go back and forth like you’re each visiting the arcade to beat the other’s high score.

There is also something called Insane Mode, which, according to Dahl, was  the original setting for the game, until they added a health system to make the game more acessbible.

My Opinion

Overall I enjoyed the challenging nature of this game, the creativity behind the musical theme and the inclusion of a socially interactive section. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I am a fan of bringing games back to the oldschool level of challenge, but as a someone who rarely visits an arcade, I love the re-imagination of the friendly challenge of “bet ya can’t beat my score!”

The game goes on sale September 14th for $9.99. For $5 more, you can get the special edition, which includes an extra copy of the game (for your best friend or little sister), the Transitional world , the soundtrack and game wallpaper.

Based on the preview alone, I would rate this game a A for fans of endless runners.

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MOGA by PowerA

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MOGA by PowerA

Now I admit, I was pretty skeptical when I heard about a controller that would attach to a mobile phone to enhance the mobile gaming experience. I assumed it would have a few major issues:

  • Too big to be portable
  • Mobile games weren’t created for controllers so it would really just be an affectation
  • No way to hold the phone and the controller comfortably

Though I approached the MOGA with these doubts, I left pretty impressed. PowerA knows what they’re doing and are taking all the right steps to handle these concerns.

First, the controller is super-slim and small. It plugs into the phone in a perfectly reasonable configuration that feels comfy to my little lady hands. It is definitely portable and claims to have 19 hours of gaming per battery charge.

The MOGA features dual analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, the standard four face buttons, and start and select buttons. Like the superficially similar Nyko controller, it syncs up with your phone through Bluetooth.

The configuration handles my first and third doubts, but what about my second doubt about the way mobile games are created? Well, it turns out PowerA is actually working with game companies such as Sega and Namco to optimize the controller for the games and vice-versa. About 20 games will be available at launch, including Dungeon Hunter 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Virtua Tennis Challenge, and Atari’s Greatest Hits.

I gave Pac-Man a spin and the controls felt perfectly natural. I do worry that a guy might find the controller a little small. But I also assume they tested this with the male consumer in mind, so maybe I just overestimate the tinyness. I would have really liked to try it with a more complicated game to see what the benefits are of using this as opposed to the normal phone controls.

Another feature is that, when the MOGA is installed, your phone will lead you directly to the MOGA App. This app conveniently shows which games are MOGA compatible, which games you might like to try based on the ones you already play, and other useful options. As someone who is not super-technical when it comes to phones, I really appreciated how simple everything seemed.

If you like gaming on your Android device, I would definitely recommend checking this controller out in October.

Fus1on Tournament Controller

Fus1on Tournament Controller

While at PowerA’s booth, I also had the opportunity to try out the Fus1on controller. I can see this being a big hit with people who like the Xbox 360 controller’s analog stick layout, but want to play games on their Playstation 3. It is also smaller than a standard Xbox controller, meaning that my little lady hands had no trouble taking down PowerA’s representative, John, in our epic battle.

The Fus1on was made to the specifications of tournament gamers, so I imagine it will be pretty legit for serious gamers. I would need more time with the controller to give my full support, because to me comfort and accessibility aren’t always immediately detectable when I’m gaming. Now let me play some MvC3 with this bad boy for an hour without my hands hurting, and we will call this a winner.

The PS3 version of the Fus1on like I tried is expected within the next four weeks. There is also a Xbox 360 version, which is expected to be available in October.

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Epic Mickey 2

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Epic Mickey 2

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is the upcoming sequel to Epic Mickey. Unlike its predecessor, the game will not just be available on the Wii, but also on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

At PAX Prime 2012, I decided to play it on the Wii to get a feel for the game on its native console. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake, as my lack of familiarity with the Wii made me look a little foolish as I struggled with simple tasks. Once I got over the awkwardness of holding two controllers instead of one, I started to have a lot of fun. Waving your paintbrush around while hanging out with Mickey and the gang is sure to delight any child. I think the control scheme will appeal less to older gamers, but if they’re fans of the Disney universe they’ll still be able to get into the game.

In the last game, Oswald was one of the characters that needed Mickey’s help against the Blot. This time, Oswald actually teams up with Mickey as a co-op player, and is voiced by Optimus Prime. . . I mean Frank Welker. Additionally, Oswald’s helper, Gus the Gremlin, is voiced by Westley. . . I mean Cary Elwes. The other characters are voiced by their actual voice actors ie: Mickey is voiced by the same actor he is voiced by in the cartoons, Goofy is Goofy, etc.

As I played, the booth hunk (He was a creative director or something I’m sure, but I was totally distracted by the dimples. I will strive to be a better journalist next time, I promise.) mentioned some interesting ideas for the new game. Although Mickey would visit many of the same places, the focus would be on the musical elements and on the story of Oswald and Mickey as brothers.

Oswald and Mickey

I asked him why they chose to go with Oswald, a relative unknown, for the co-op partner instead of a character like Minnie Mouse. He said that Epic Mickey 2 is really a redemption story for Oswald, an awesome character that many people in our generation are completely unaware of, since he debuted in the 20s. I will accept that answer, though I really would have liked the opportunity to play a female character in the game.

Another nice aspect of the game is the choice system. It was interesting to see such an RPG dynamic in what felt like an action game. Mickey can choose whether to use thinner or paint, and those choices will affect both the gameplay and the reactions of the NPCs around him.

As my demo came to a close, I asked him the question I know we’ve all been pondering (by “all” I mean AxlCalrissian): Where is Epic DuckTales?!!!

The answer was pretty awesome. They don’t have anything planned but the creators are excited about the thought of expanding into the other shows.  So maybe, one day, my little children will get to play Epic DuckTales. A-whoo ooh!


As a Disney fan and PS3 owner, I’m really looking forward to trying out  Epic Mickey 2 when it is released on November 18th. The game is priced at $49.99 on the Wii, $39.99 on the PC, $34.99 on 3DS and $59.99 on the PS3 or 360.

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PAX Logo

No GravatarPAX Logo

Hey there sports fans,

Just a quick update before I head back out!

Highlights from PAX today:

Raychul Moore

Raychul doing an interview.


Sexiest Batgirl ever?

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No GravatarCan’t get a badge to Comic-Con? No sweat! More than ever before, SDCC has become a city-wide celebration of all things geek. Although you can only access (most of) the panels, show-floor and art room with a badge, there are plenty of other activities for the lover of all things nerdy!

1.) Home Bases

Companies like BioWare and Sega have bases of operations that are usually outside of the actual convention hall. This means you can still attend any events taking place at these locations. For example, I attended a signing at the BioWare base and tried out the new ME3 Earth DLC before it was released.

Hanging out at the BioWare lounge

2.) Gam3rCon

Gam3rCon is a gem of a convention. Featuring art, performances, a throwback gaming center and current gaming zones, this tiny con was my favorite part of my SDCC trip. I played Sonic until my friends dragged me away, slugged a few folks in UMvC3 and watched a hilariously campy series called Video Game High School. I watched the show on a huge screen, sitting next to Ashphord Jacoway on the roof, drinking a coke and eating a slice of pizza, surrounded by other nerds and looking out over the skyline of San Diego. There were even random fireworks!

Best night ever.

Virtua Fighter on the Sega Saturn

3.) Other outside events

There are also a ton of other, smaller events that take place during Comic Con, such as Nerd HQ, the YouTube Pavilion, the History Channel BBQ and more zombie themed events than you could shake a stick at!

These events often feature free finger foods, games and contests or small shows and swag.

Even the tables at restaurants got a makeover!

4.) City Attractions

San Diego is a small city chock-full of things to do. With a zoo, safari, SeaWorld, a historic theme park and even zip lines! During Comic-Con, some of these locations will have special nerd-themed events like Adventure Time at the Children’s Museum.

Besides the big stuff, there are also tasty restaurants, bars of every kind, flavor and shape, and pedicabs to pedal you around the Gas Lamp District.

5.) Oh the People You Will See

Now this may come as a surprise, but your favorite TV series star or comic book artist has to eat food to sustain him or herself. I know right? I didn’t believe it either… even crazier, they eat people-food!

While at Comic-Con, my friends and I ran into the entire cast of Game of Thrones, Stan Lee and (from a safe distance) George Bush.

Besides the celebrities, you will also be surrounded by a plethora of other nerds! Comic-book fans, video game heads, collectables gurus, Whovians and more! Sit down for a burger and nerd out or take pictures of all the lovely cosplayers!

Costumes galore!

SDCC Can’t Be Replaced

Overall, I found that I had not one bit of free time: there was so much to do outside of SDCC!

Of course, nothing can replace San Diego Comic-Con itself. Walking the floor, buying adorable nerdy-things, meeting the artists behind your favorite comics and listening to the kind of banter you can only hear in a panel of famous nerds is not to be missed!

The lights, the people, the geekery

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No GravatarMy first day at E3 started off a little overwhelming. There was simply too much to do in such a small amount of time! I don’t even know why these sections are called “booths” instead of rooms or arenas, the areas were so enormous!

I ended up wandering around with my friends Jon and Jonelle until we ended up at the Video Game History Museum booth, where another friend, Collin, found me.

Found this and played a ton of Nintendo while I was there

The next thing I know, we’re on a wild hunt to get to the Borderlands 2 demo. Along the way, we stopped at the Nyko booth to have a friendly match of Street Fighter X Tekken, because we were told that the winner would recieve a cape. Guess who now has a champion cape?

We finally made it to the Borderlands 2 demo line. After waiting for 30 minutes, I asked my friend to hold my spot and I went off exploring, checking out the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 demo, stealing lollipops from the Sega booth and taking pictures of awesome things like action figures and random passerby.

Cosplay Contest for the PlayStation All Stars

I returned to the demo line and waited for another hour. We were in the next group to go when we were informed by the booth folks that we would not make it. Considering that at least 30 people were in line behind me, this was a big bummer and seemed a little irresponsible on their end. I am happy to report that they learned from this experience, as I shall elaborate on in the next chapter.

Anyhoo we managed to convince the booth attendents that we should at least get shirts, and we all went and picked up our AWESOME shirts featuring a skag attack <3

and it's a small! <3

After that I ended up wandering for a bit before grabbing some noms and then heading to TwitchTV presents the Frag Dolls Far Cry 3 E3 Party, where I was promptly attacked by a monkey.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Everyone got to take their picture with the monkey, who ignored everyone in favor of some sort of snack he was being handed. Everyone except me. He decided that I would be the one whose face he would leap on. All I remember next was being told to stop running away so the handler could get the monkey off of me, and then having to act cool for my picture to be taken. I was traumatized for the rest of the night, and also itchy.

Besides the monkey, I had a good time. I danced the night away with the Max Level crew and my dear friend Ashphord, as well as running into a few of my tweeps. I also got to play the Far Cry 3 demo.

To be honest, I was not very impressed with the demo. It was easy to see why quite a few people left the demo and walked away at the same part (I checked a few TVs and noticed the same task). I COULD NOT find whatever I was supposed to find, even though there was a big symbol trying to lead me to it. The controls were fine but I found it a little hard to tell if I was shooting at people I was supposed to be shooting at, whether or not my bullets were connecting, or how to get out of the way of other people’s bullets. I would have liked to start the demo over from the beginning, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Although the game looks beautiful, it is not really to my taste, so I will let another ROGer give that review when the time comes.

I ended the night with a hefty argument at Ihop about the rights of girl gamers and fell into a dazed sleep at 4 AM.

Overall, my first day at E3 left me very unimpressed and underwhelmed, but I assumed it was because of the fast-pace of it all. I decided to reserve judgement until the end of the Expo.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of my 2012 E3 diary!