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The Nintendo Switch has been a major success this year, with high sales of the system and both indie and AAA games. Developers have noted high sales of their games and games that struggled on some platforms have found success on the system. This has reached the point where games like Wasteland 2 are now coming to the system due to the success the Switch has been having so far.

But what is the reason for this success? Well, the answer to that is the fact that the Switch has changed the way people view gaming. As my friend Nelson said, playing  a story game or lengthy RPG typically requires you to sit by a computer or TV while you play. You are stationary and in  a sense, trapped by the game. Sure you can take breaks, but in the end the game can only be played at one spot.

But with the Switch, this is not the case due to the hybrid nature of the system. A long RPG or story driven game becomes something you can play on the go or even in bed. I have spent several nights before going to sleep, just relaxing and playing some RPGs or beat em ups on the system, and as others have noted, the Switch is great for people who travel. A long game becomes perfect for someone taking a flight and needs a distraction, and the sheer amount of games offers variety if people get tired of the game they are playing.

In other words, games that would require a significant time commitment before can now be played in small bite sized portions  and be enjoyed in the way a player sees fit. This also has another effect as well, and that is that people might want to check out even more games on the system that can be played this way. This could very well explain why so many games have found success on the system compared to other platforms. I have seen firsthand, players of fighting games want more of the genre on the Switch so they can continue playing on the go. And as I mentioned at the beginning, developers who wrote off the Switch initially are now getting on board such as InXile Entertainment with Wasteland 2.

The Switch was intended by Nintendo to be a new way to play and it seems that they truly succeeded with that goal. This is a system that has changed the way people view and play games, and is the system for people who are constantly moving, as it offers them a fun way to play as well as giving other gamers a new experience. This really is a system for everyone.


Disclaimer: The Above is the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of Real Otaku Gamer or its staff.


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Doesn’t flow off the tongue like Jay-Z Hard Knock Life Vol.2 song “A week ago” unlike the timeless Rap classic album Nintendo’s reputation amongst gamers has been a tumultuous one & hasn’t really been good to look back on. Though while the “gamers” have rallied against big N’s relevance in gaming today. Nintendo has continuously remained profitable and as a business that is the core thing for a company to remain successful. Gamers as fickle as we are as a whole are nothing to scoff at. The gaming community rallied around all that was Nintendo throughout the 3rd and 4th generation but, as the 5th generation reared its head. It seemed as if throughout all the years this company has gotten right they have lost what essentially made them great. Let me dust off the history books and take a peep into them to see what the catalysts was that landed them into this peculiar situation. Generation 5 when Nintendo 64 was released by the big N there was so much hype surrounding what could be. There was its new weird looking controller introducing analog control stick tech into console gaming along with 64 megabits of power. It seemed as if things were all good except for the fact Sega’s Saturn & newcomer Sony’s PlayStation was a CD based platform. That to me was Big N’s major 1st misstep because we all know Nintendo stayed with the old ways of console gaming mediums, Cartridges. I believe this is why Nintendo started to lose its grip on the gamers. Though, a long time ago for most of you modern gamers the gamers whom are in their late 20’s to mid-30’s should remember how the N64 was a wasteland of 3rd party titles rarely seeing jewels that were popping up on the competitions CD based platforms.

n64 titles

Though, the games that did show up by Nintendo’s efforts to collaborate with 3rd party developers & utilizing & acquiring new in house ones. They were able to remain profitable and provide us gamers with classic titles like Mario Kart 64, Star wars Rouge squadron, Mario 64 and let’s not forget the title that made the FPS genre popular on consoles James Bond’s Golden eye to name a few. Those weren’t enough to steamroll the legions of developers from leaving Nintendo home console behind. The flexibility of CD wasn’t the only reason they left Nintendo in the corner. It was their overall business practices that seemingly drove a lot of business away because of that but, it took the likes of the new challenger of the throne Sony’s PlayStation that gave them a place to call home. In return the Sony PlayStation won the 5th console generation. Along with that stole a good portion of the market share Nintendo had for years. During Gen 5 games like Banjo-Kazooie while fun and enjoyable could not bring in new adult gamers into the fold when there were mature titles being released with cinematic experiences unseen for the most part on the N64.


As Generation 5 came to a close and new gamers of a higher age bracket came into the market. Sony Playstation had experiences and cutting edge technologies that you couldn’t find in Nintendo’s home console. Though like a well primed company that it is Nintendo still remained profitable even after losing significant market share along with maintain some of the fiercest fans out there. Granted their profitability wasn’t all hinged on their home console efforts all the while Nintendo is an game company so, as they somewhat floundered their market share Nintendo has the portable gaming market in their pocket protector. Pulling in gangbusters of cashola into their bank accounts later to be infused with some of their future home consoles. Titles like some of their tried and true franchises and new IP’s like Pokémon flourished on this platform but, also new gadgetry and technologies sprung up throughout the Game Boy’s lifetime. Though the portable market is virtually owned by Nintendo for the most part the home console side of things is where Nintendo should start to tighten its grip. From here on out Big N had an uphill battle going into the 6th generation. Stay tuned for the second half of my vision in “Double-edged sword Part 2: Now you’re playing with power”