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By calanagear On 11 Sep, 2011 At 05:50 PM | Categorized As Company Spotlight, Featured, Mobile Technology | With 2 Comments

No GravatarGeeks with ipads rejoice. A company I have fallen in love with is the newcomer Adonit, making having an ipad easier to use and much more versatile. The company’s kickass mission statement is:

‘Adonit believes in the unconventional. We believe in never being satisfied with the status quo. We remember that nothing great has ever come by settling. We want to solve the problems that don’t even exist yet.’

And they are serious. Just take a look at Writer. Available for both the ipad and ipad2, it converts the tablet into a lightweight laptop. It’s a sweet case and keyboard, all in one. 3 AAA batteries give you one month ( heavy use) to 2 months battery life. It made me mad seeing it, as I haven’t been a huge fan of the ipad ( I prefer ipod touch). Seeing Writer made me want one, badly, since it takes the ipad up a notch. A big notch.

After they created the Writer, they made me drool again with Jot.  Adonit raised ( get this) over 168,000 dollars on Kickstart…when they had only needed around 2. Just under 5,000 people pitched in to aid the company in launching the yet to be released Jot. The company says of the product ‘…there has yet to be a way to capture the precision of a calligrapher or the stroke of an artist. Not only should it meet your needs, but a stylus should have style.’

The company is also concerned about the environment and created their products around this concern:

‘From manufacturing to product recycling, our goal is to minimize the imprint on the environment by using materials that are lightweight and fully recyclable. Our product’s life cycle is optimized for minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact on your technology.’

Adonit is based in Seattle and Taipei, and is the child of Zach Zeliff and Kris Perpich. I hope to get myself a Writer in the very near future, as though I do enjoy typing on the ipad, it really isn’t the greatest for writing longer works or blog posts. Check out their site and read some of the product reviews. People are happy. Very happy.