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By otakuman5000 On 2 Nov, 2010 At 03:34 PM | Categorized As PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Reviews | With 0 Comments

No GravatarBarry Steakfries is a gun toting, tough talking mercenaries who is in charge to take out a Zombie plague that spans throughout all times. Age of Zombies is a top down shooter that is an ode to Smash TV and the recent burn zombie burn on the PSN.You go threw time destroying enough zombies are killed to fill up the meter and bring out the boss of the level, from BC, to Egypt, to the 1940s Noir Chicago and even a Cybernetic Future this game’s got heart and tongue and cheek humor but parents be warned there is mild profanity in this game. You shoot with all of the face buttons and move with the controller pad, the triggers throw grenades, and mines, and all the conventional weapons pistols, shotguns,uzi’s, machine guns, and mini guns and the zombies do explode, get bigger, and faster and will chomp you to pieces if you slacking, so keep your thumbs and eyes on the screen because it gets funny and hectic but its a blast to play for along session or a quick game, BUY IT NOW and shouts out to HalfBrick Games for making this wacky Zombie shooter for a low price.