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The End is Nigh is a brutal platformer from the makers of The Binding of Issac, and brings you deep into an apocalyptic world. The End is Nigh, a challenging game that will test the limits of any platformers expertise. Bouncing around as a small blobby citizen, is certainly not meant to be easy. The main character is one of the only survivors of the apocalypse and after his game breaks, he curses harshly and heads off. In a twist he really just wants to find a friend to spend his days with and maybe help repopulate the world.

The End is Nigh is game with over 600 hand drawn panels. You really can see the work that went into making this game as the artist makes every level harder. Playing it I found myself constantly in the mindset of the character at the beginning of the game. Cursing under my breath or even aloud as I lost from terrible jumps and the spikes that littered the screen.This game also has many collectables that will vanish if you die. As you collect these tumors you will gain access to other levels. This is quite interesting, as it makes you really work to collect them all. You will find huge blobs who require them, and seeing that there are at least 300, it will take all of your skill to collect them all.

As someone who is always less inclined to play super intense platformers this one did truly test my mettle. But, for some reason I felt inclined to continue playing. I wanted to see this angry blob man find a friend. I mean if it was truly the end of the world, one single friend would be what anyone would ask for I’m certain.

The End is Nigh’s hand drawn work is stellar and really adds to the fun. As you progress through the game collecting tumors, you will see different locales. Sometimes the aura of the area will be completely different, but the game will still repeatedly kill you. There are multiple different levels that will continue to test your mettle no matter where you end up.T here are also multiple endings to sate yourself if you choose to play multiple times. Depdending on how you play you can see a variety of endings though of course only one is the most satisfying. Will you manage to keep this blob happy at the end of his quest?

The End is Nigh is truly an apocalyptic nightmare, yet is a game that you will continue to want to play. As you progress through this game and work to help this angry blob find a friend you will continue to find yourself in perilous platforming situstions. The End is Nigh which is out now on Nintendo Switch really is quite the game and one that you will have to see to really understand. It’s clear that any game by this creator is going to be twisted and in  world where this isn’t always the norm, it is quite nicely. So strap into a crazy adventure, collect some tumors and find this creep a friend!


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