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Stephen Radosh (who produced the Mario and Zelda games for the Philips CD-i) spoke to Game Informer and has revealed something very shocking. He nearly made a Donkey Kong arcade game for Sega that involved being a parking attendant.

Radosh commented thatt Sega had actually gotten the rights to make a Donkey Kong arcade game and there were plans to release this game before business interactions got in the way. The company was owned by Paramount at the time but was sold back to Japanese companies before the game could come out and was thus cancelled.

“Somehow Sega had gotten the rights to Donkey Kong. You were dodging cars that were pulling in and out of the lot, and you had to get X number of cars parked in spaces.”

I am trying to picture how this would work and it just sounds so utterly strange to me.


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Bandai Namco has announced that a new roster addition to Pokken Tournament will be announced on this Thursday December 1. Which Pokémon do you hope to see announced? Another fighting type? or some other kind of Pokémon? With all these new additions and no word on Wii U DLC, it is sounding likely that Pokken will make its way to the Switch in one form or another.


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No GravatarpokkenPokken Tournament Arcade has a new character and its not whom most were expecting. Croagunk will be making a debut in the game on November 10, alongside some new changes. The game has received a large amounts of updates in the arcade version, which almost certainly hints at a Nintendo Switch version. You can see the trailer below.


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It has been announced that both Capcom and SNK will be bringing their newest fighting games to the arcade scene. For now SFV and KOF XIV will only be coming to Japan, but hopefully some of the cabinets will make their way west.


Capcom will be bringing Street Fighter V to arcades in the near future in the form of the the PC version. Details will be clarified at a later time.

For Taito, the company announced NESiCAxLive 2, its follow-up arcade digital content platform. Companies such as Arc System Works, Examu, FK Digital and French Bread have pledged support for the system. SNK will also take part by announcing that The King of Fighters XIV will be coming to Japanese arcades through this platform.

While SF V will be based on the PC version, this does raise some questions. Does the game coming to arcades mean we will get a proper arcade mode is the first and foremost question on my mind. The lack of a proper arcade mode with character ladders and endings did hurt SFV, so this introducing an arcade more could help.

For KOF XIV, the game is already near perfect but this can be used to find ways to refine the game and make it even better. It can also be used to determine if DLC should be done and who should be DLC.

Most importantly though, this could help the sales of both games. SF V has done notoriously poorly in sales, and KOF has been lagging. Arcade versions could get more people interested and help get more sales for the games. Whatever your opinions are of these two fighters, the FGC needs more fighting games to sell if it is to continue, and this can help greatly.



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Mr. Focus is a rising Hip hop artist, gaining  on the New York City rap scene.
He recently dropped the Mixtape “Laser Vision” Hosted by Shadyville DJ Dammit on
This video from the looks of it was filmed in one of the arcades in Chinatown NYC, and the beat is based on Tetris and assorted other Original Gameboy sounds from other games in that era. See if you can find all the old school games you see in the video when you check it out. He has another mixtape with DJ Dammit called I hate Mondays in 3D part of the I Hate the Mondays mixtape series. He is making a lot of noise and is already made a lot of music and this song is a classic. Who ever said hip-hop in the NYC was dead outside of Jay-Z, Diddy and 50 Cent was wrong, and they are way more creative than those guys and are inspired by gaming. We’ll have to see if HiphopGamer may reach out to him after this post goes up, because a Remix with him at the Capcom Fight Club Arcade in the NYC would be cool to watch, especially since people say that big New York artists don’t support the up and comers. But only time will tell.

This video was also featured on
and the mixtape was also featured on
You can find him at,,,,
and you can follow him at @therealmrfocus.