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By Jonathan Balofsky On 7 Jan, 2016 At 10:47 PM | Categorized As Featured, NINTENDO, Reviews | With 0 Comments

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RCMADIAX has been one of the most prolific devs on the Wii U but while some game have been good like Blok Drop U, some also haven’t. So I was unsure of myself as I bought Avoider on the eshop and began to try it out. What was I greeted with?


Well to start, Avoider is a touchscreen game that uses the Wii U gamepad, like many of RCMADIAX’s games, and in this case the touch controls work great. But is the game any good was the question I had to ask myself. The answer was yes, and in fact Avoider is a great return to form for RCMADIAX after a few not so stellar games.

The gameplay is simple yes,  but it is not easy by any means. Be prepared to die over and over and over again as you play this game. You will also find that you will keep playing no matter what because of the game’s addictive nature. The game’s simplistic art style may remind some of Asteroids but this isn’t a shooter really. Its a puzzle strategy game that constantly keeps you thinking about your next move. The objects to avoid come from all directions and can take you out before you even know what just happened you.

The sound and audio in the game are good quality which add to the game’s charm, and it feels like a throwback game in reverse. Whereas in Asteroids you had to destroy the asteroids to get points, here you just avoid everything simply to survive and get points. You can submit your scores directly to miiverse for bragging rights, and I daresay many will be trying over and over again to top their previous high scores.

The game is well made and affordable and definitely worth picking up for any Wii U owner.


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