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No GravatarHello all, it’s been a while and I assure you I probably won’t sum up all the awesomeness going on in the figure world right now until my studies are over so I shall present some lovely figures from MegaHouse’s GEM Series which probably have the most accurate portrayals of anime characters I’ve seen. I’ve praised them before for their godly feat of capturing the beauty of Lelouch Lamperouge so feast your eyes.

Tiger and Bunny: Kotetsu Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr.


Tiger and Bunny probably has one of the most unique character designs when it comes to their male leads and these figures capture their look quite perfectly. Kotestu’s figure has two faces, one with mask and another maskless. He also has his signature hate, which you can take on and off at your convenience.





Now I can’t deny, I have a soft spot for Barnaby and his facial expression in this figure is perfect. Not every figure should be all smiley and happy, and this one captures what I mean. He’s a solid one piece figure with cool glasses that fit him like a glove.




I forgot to mention, his boots are just the most awesome shoes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Rebuild of Evangelion: Nagisa Kaoru




No words needed, my work here is done…..