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YouTube’s first Geek Week is over, and it seemed to go far better than Comedy Week. I’m interested to see what topic they pick next!

So what were the best videos from the week? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s a list of the top five best videos of YouTube’s Geek Week.

5.) Theodore Gray’s 5 Experiments You Should NEVER Try At Home

This video slipped under the radar for most people, which makes me really sad. Imagine someone’s grandpa, calmly telling you how to do totally unsafe and bat shit crazy science experiments. The best parts are his understated humor and, of course, the awesome power of science. You see that explosion in the video thumbnail? That was caused by deep frying a turkey. A TURKEY.

If this doesn’t get someone interested in science, then I don’t know what will.

4.) Naruto The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

Isn’t it interesting when YouTube folks make better live action anime than rich Hollywood types? Anyway, this is a funny and really impressive live action Naruto movie spoof. You don’t even have to watch Naruto to get all of the jokes, although this is definitely the kind of spoof that makes you want to go and watch the source material.

3.) The Gravity Gun

Another live-action version of something geeky, but this time a game, instead of anime. The Gravity Gun is the origin story of the gravity gun from Half-Life 2, with an awesome-looking Alyx Vance. The special effects are superb, and the characters and gun are spot-on. Now make Half-Life 3 already!

2.) Gastro Geek! PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD

Imagine if Chopped, Cake Wars, and Felicia Day had a baby. Okay, eeew, I take it back. Anyway, this spoof from Geek & Sundry re-imagines the normal cooking show competition as a monster movie food sculpture competition between Felicia Day, Hannah Hart, and Furious Pete, with Nika hosting and two frikkin’ amazing special guests who are so awesome that I don’t want to spoil it for you. Do yourself a favor and check out the behind-the-scenes video on the G&S channel for even more chuckles.

1.) MULTI-PLAYER – Games Bring us Together

This is the kind of video I really wanted to see for Geek Week. It was not only a collaboration, featuring Dodger, Markiplier, Day[9], the Yogscast, Spooky, Egoraptor and Chuggaaconroy, but it also taught something to those not as familiar with the geek community. For those already a part of YouTube geekiness, it was a peek into the lives and mindsets of some of our favorite stars. It also managed to be funny, serious, inspirational, and silly, all at the same time. Like most of us geeks. 😉

Lots of other Geek Week videos were great too, so go check out the playlist and tell me which ones were your favorites!

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Ah, E3, the Christmas of the gaming industry. I had a ball attending press conferences, playing demos, and partying the night away with new and old friends. I expected a lot from this year’s E3, because of the Xbox One and PS4 reveal.


So, what did I think?

The Games

My first stop was Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, an upcoming third-person combat game from Tecmo Koei. Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, is involved with the project, and it showed. I loved the new art style and the smooth, just plain fun combat mechanic. I didn’t love that the enemies are zombies and the main character is part cyber ninja, but I guess that’s what’s in style right now. I quite enjoyed slinging zombies at other zombies – there’s just something so satisfying about that. The game is in development for PS3, Xbox 360, and iOS and is set for an early 2014 release.


Next up was Transistor. Check out my preview, but the short version is: I loved it.

Saints Row IV is just wacky: I used a dubstep gun, black hole gun, and a lightsaber. That is, until I discovered a few more of my super powers. Then I just stomped on everyone’s face and threw people into cars. The graphics are fine, the gameplay took a little getting used to, but I assume that’s because they started the demo off with more of your abilities and no kind of tutorial. I mentioned before that I love the idea behind this new entry, and I can’t wait to play some more, but it is definitely a meta kind of game.


I also had the opportunity to experience Diablo III on the PS3. All players are on the screen at the same time, so it got a little confusing at times, and checking armor and weapons took over the screen for everyone, meaning this has the potential to be pretty annoying. On the other hand, this game is super fun to play with friends, and I can just imagine everyone on the couch with a beer having a great time murdering monsters together. The graphics looked great, and the gameplay was mostly streamlined. All-in-all, I think it’s a pretty great port. We snagged a Legendary and all got free PS3 skins too! You’ll just need to make sure you never play it with me, because I obsessively check armor and stats…

e3 showfloor

Next on the list was Tekken Revolution, which came out the day before I got my hands on it at E3, but whatever. The new Tekken game is free-to-play and a PS3 exclusive. There are a total of twelve characters in the game, but only eight are playable from the start: Asuka, Jack 6, Kazuya, King, Lars, Lili, Marshall, and Paul. Heihachi Mishima, Jinpachi Mishima, and Ogre are fought as bosses in the Arcade mode, but aren’t playable. The character models have been streamlined, and everyone looks slightly more sparkly and smooth, but there aren’t any drastic character redesigns. There are also minor tweaks to the combat, leaving me very satisfied as I throw an unblockable move in front of a smooth combo. I anticipate spending a lot of time with this one!

And finally, I played the latest demo for The Last of Us. While I do appreciate the strong and diverse case of female characters, I also recommend checking out this article for another perspective.

The Consoles

Mobile and social games had a very strong showing, and I actually won a MOGA controller at lunch, which was pretty exciting. I don’t play games on my phone though, so we’ll see whether this gets me into them, or if I decide to hold a giveaway. Leave your opinion in the comments!


As for the Xbox One and the PS4, I had mixed feelings about both. I disliked the lack of female characters shown at the Xbox press conference and the amount of footage shown that was simply trailers in all of the conferences.

While it may be too soon to argue which console is better, the Xbox One did not have a very impressive lineup of exclusive games to back up their lack of customer service with the whole DRM issue. On the other hand, most of the games being featured in the Sony booth were actually PS3 games. On my fifth hand, apparently the Xbox One games were actually being demoed on PCs, but I’ve since heard that’s normal practice.

The new console controllers both felt fine in my hands. The PS4 controller now has triggers and the L1 and R1 functions are now mapped to them, which made a few games hard to play at first until I got used to them. The thumbsticks are now concave in the middle, but since I’ve never had a problem with them being convex, that didn’t really matter to me. The Start button is gone, replaced by the Options button, which I guess makes sense nowadays when you think about it. I didn’t play any games that used the Touchpad, so I can’t share any details about how it works.

The Xbox One still uses batteries. Can we talk about that? Like, seriously…who still uses batteries? It felt lighter than the old controller, but mostly feels completely familiar. The rumble is new, with it actually only affecting specific parts of the controller. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. Instead of Start and Select, it has Menu and View.

The Show

Overall, I had a great time, and there was tons to see and do at E3. I particularly loved the focus on indie games, with both IndieCade and the section in Sony’s booth devoted to indie games. There were tons of announcements, talks, presentations, and surprise guests at each of the big booths. I also took a picture in a carriage monster truck, so I feel that E3 2013 was a success.

E3 Samsung Thur_0260

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No GravatarAs I mentioned in my previous article about CES, there was very little gaming content at CES 2013, but out of what was there, a few products stole my heart. Honorable mentions include Razer’s gaming tablet Razer Edge and Mad Catz R.A.T.M. and the S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 modular keyboard. They couldn’t officially make it onto my favorites list because I’m not a PC or tablet gamer, but I can definitely see how amazing they would be for people who are!


The MAG II looks like some cheap junk your mom buys you at the discount store. Yeah I said it. I picked it up not really expecting much. And then, came the thrill.


AIE’s MAG II Gun Controller was good clean fun. It has a full range of buttons, once you get used to where they are. You control movement with the analog and the camera by moving the gun. Do you know what this does? It makes you the badass in the movies, swinging your gun around as you look around corners and sweep left and right. And yeah, if you panic your camera will go all crazy and you will be left frantically pressing the grenade button, but that’s part of the fun!

I was, perhaps, helped along in my fascination by an adorable little woman (with a strong accent) yelling “TRIGGER” or “CALIBRATE” at me and then proceeding to smash the button for me. It kept me on my toes. I also enjoyed that the buttons had PS3 symbols and Xbox colors. It was very harmonious.


I’d love to test this baby out with other shooters, as I managed to kill three people with it as I got used to the controls. Yep. Three. Count em.

3. Afterglow’s Prismatic Wireless Headset

Performance Design Products (PDP) series Afterglow is known for its neon colors and see-through hardware. The newest headphones, Prismatic Wireless Headset comes with a solid, more comfortable headband than its predecessor, and the ability to change the lights to any color of the rainbow. Yes, even purple. The headset fit great and felt like cushy donuts on my ears. The mic is retractable so it wont constantly get tangled in my hair. They also have some nice audio modes, including a bass booster.


These bad boys were beautiful and I hope to get my hands on a pair soon so I can give a full review, but in the meantime my interest is definitely piqued by the cool design and low price point!

(and all their girl friendly products)


So my true favorite part of PDP’s showings was the very obvious fact that they took their girl consumers into account. I brought up how impressive it was that they had so many accessories geared to girls. Chris Bridle, the Marketing Manager at PDP, summed it up with “Everything doesn’t have to be blood and gore. You can be a gamer and love cute things.” He also mentioned that many of the designers are women, which I truly believe makes a difference in companies. They even had little T-Shirts for the 3DS!!! Can you imagine how much hassle that would save when the next iteration of DS comes out? Instead of having to get rid of your sick Shenlong DS Lite case (yes this is a true story) because it doesn’t fit your 3DS, you could simply squeeze that t-shirt onto the next bad boy!  <3


I definitely plan to put a lot of money into PDP in the coming months. Check out this Facebook album for more pictures.

2. Nvidia’s Project SHIELD

Project Shield hopped onto this list from out of no where. I had NO inkling that another portable gaming device was coming onto the market, but it already looks like a winner.

nvidia, project shield, handheld, portable, gaming

Basically fusing a true portable gaming system with the mobile gaming trend with a full sized controller, Project SHEILD utilizes the Tegra 4, touted as the world’s fastest mobile processor. The ultra-fast wireless is to prevent lag when streaming games and the unit will utilize Android Jelly Bean’s operating system, meaning you can access all of the Android applications and games. The person showing it off to me also mentioned Steam games, which would blow my little mind.

I wasn’t given time to actually touch or play this sucker, so I can’t say more than that for now, but I should have more information after the next convention. It looks very hardcore and sounds very practical, so kudos to Nvidia for shocking the gaming world.

1. Extreme Reality

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the game changer. What stops people from playing motion controlled games? Often, it is as simple as not owning a needed motion control accessory, such as the Kinect or Move. What stops developers from creating more games with motion controls? The chance that less people will buy it because they don’t have the tools to play it! Extreme Reality solves this issue with their software that lets you turn any platform (PCs, TVs, tablets, cell phones) with a 2D camera into the only tool you need.

extreme reality

The game they demoed for me was Beat Booster, a Kinect game. It only took the developers a week to port it over to their software. I watched a girl stand in front of a Lenovo laptop and play the game with no problem (to be honest, she rocked at it). It worked for the full range of 3D movement, including leaning forward and leaning backwards to control speed in the game.

I was not only impressed with the technology, but also for what it could mean for the game industry. If everyone could have easy access to motion gaming, it could open up a range of new games that haven’t been developed yet because the market was too small.




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Cards n’Flux: Best Cards of 2011

By: Corlando

            Well everyone, 2011 has come and gone leaving us with 2012.  I am so excited for this year and the promise it brings.  New experiences, new friends, all just a few moments of time away.  However, before we rush off with the new 2012, let us remember the awesomeness of 2011 by looking at some of the best cards of the year.


Before we get started with the list, a few qualifications.  First, the cards have to be from 2011.  This means Scars of Mirrodin is out, but Besieged up to Innistrad are in.  Second, the cards cannot be reprints.  This just seems like a good rule.  Let the new cards have their day in the sun, instead of some repurposed older card.  Third, these are all my opinion.  If you do not like my selections feel free to voice them below instead of paying an assassin to try and kill me.  It won’t work.  I will also take this time to voice my opinion about a few other cards, which I am sure will also spark much debate.  With that said, let’s get going.


First up, the best Instant.  I chose this card because it gave the color a fun way of removal that can used to either destroy a big threat or help end the game.  Beast Within gives Green not only a removal spell, but also a token producer.  I love this card.  The versatility of either eliminating my opponent’s best guy or killing off one of my own 1/1s or an artifact you do not need to make a 3/3 in time to help bash face is just a fun.  I hope to include this in many more decks in the future.  Now the worst instant of 2011 is also a removal spell.  Dismember is a great removal spell.  Being able to fake out your opponent by only leaving one mana up and paying four life to kill their creature is useful and vindictive.  It has amazing flavor in a Black deck where you have to make sacrifices for ultimate power.  However, by being able to pay four life, now every deck gains the ability to destroy any unwanted creature.  Dismember take Magic’s color wheel and breaks it over a rusty spike.  Thanks to Dismember, great cards like Hero of Bladehold, Hero of Oxid Ridge, even Urabrask the Hidden were not played.  The standard format became, either protection from black or at least 6 toughness or it is not worth playing.  I like Dismember for its flavor, but I hate it for the effect it had on Standard.  As of recently this trend seems to have switched with decks like White Weenie, Token Town, and Wolf Run, Dismember is not as prevalent as it was.










Next we have the best Sorcery.  I chose this sorcery because I liked the flavor of it.  It is a card that sets a precedent, a personal hope to see more cards of this color combination in the future.  Unburial Rites is Rise from the Grave, but has a fun little four mana flashback ability that gives it a whole new kind of usefulness.  I am not going to lie; I love Black and White decks.  There is a certain joy I get out of the idea of having to make sacrifices to achieve power and strength in the community.  Unburial Rites has this kind of flavor of raising the dead to bolster and protect the community.  I love it and I hope and pray to see more White/Black cards in Dark Ascension and beyond.

Third we enter the category of enchantments, those fun, powerful spells that can really bring the damage in so many ways.  However, they also have the potential to be dead cards when someone drops a Naturalize or a Doom Blade on your enchanted creature.  Before the big reveal, I do want to give one honored mention to Curse of the Stalked Prey.  The additional +1/+1 counters can lead to an absolute beatdown and makes even your smallest threats something to worry about.  I really like this card and I can only hope for a standard deck to use this effectively.  Anyway, back to the winner.  Angelic Destiny is by far probably the best enchantment I have seen in a long time.  Not only does your creature get +4/+4, but it also gains flying and first strike and if the creature enchanted with Angelic Destiny dies, you may pop Angelic Destiny back to your hands removing the ultimate issue many players have with enchantments.  I just love this card.  Not only does it have great artwork by Jana Schirmer and Johannes Voss, but it has some great flavor to.  The wings in the mirrors is a very subtle part of the image.  Easily the best enchantment of 2011.









Now we come to a very hard category, best creature.  There are so many I wanted to put on this list: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Chancellor of the Dross, Mirran or Phyrexian Crusader, even both heroes were on the list but I just did not feel they deserved the reward.  In the end I did come to a decision and I chose, Geist of Saint Traft.  After reading the “Savor the Flavor” column concerning Saint Traft and how he battled against the darkness of Innistrad throughout his whole life, I fell in love with the card.  With the backstory in mind, the Geist of Saint Traft becomes a beautiful card as the solemn look of Traft is off set by the presence of the angel.  It is a really great piece of art, which is fitting because it is such a great card.  A 2/2 for three mana with hexproof and whenever you attack with him, his angel friend comes out bringing the total of pain to six.  Add in an Honor of the Pure and it becomes eight.  I would love to see this card combo with Angelic Destiny, how cool would that be?  Geist of Saint Traft is in fact such a good card, the sheer power of this card took Craig Wescoe all the way to the top eight of worlds.  I really cannot wait for whatever comes our way in Dark Ascensions because I just know something is going to come out that will make this card even more of a bomb.

            The next topic is one that I don’t think I have ever done before, the best land.  Yeah this is kind of a new one, but we did get quite a few fun lands this year so it only seems right to pay some respect.  I was originally going to give the award to Contested War Zone for its flavor and the potential it had to help any deck get that last bit of damage in.  However, seeing as its flavor is what ultimately holds it back from being truly useful, it did not seem right to give Contested War Zone the reward.  I mean a land cannot exactly win the best land award if it does not stay yours if someone makes it through your defenses with a 1/1.  As such, the fight descended into a five way battle between the Innistrad power lands.  As such the winner of the best land award is Gavony Township for its great flavor and power to help Green and White decks really bring on the pain.  I really like this land and I know it will see more play with time.










Now we come to a rather interesting category, this year’s best Planeswalker.  This year we had quite a lot of entries, some better than others.  You can all probably guess the Planeswalker at the bottom of my list (hint: Garruk Relentless), however, none of you probably know which one will be my favorite.  This year we saw a Karn Planeswalker, which is very cool, however I am kind of disqualifying him because he lost his spark and so stopped being a Planeswalker for a bit meaning he effectively left the planeswalking club.  Sorry Karn.  I would have loved to give Venser, the Sojourner the spot, but unfortunately he came out last year.  Koth could have been a contender if he was not so narrowly focused on mountains.  Jace, Memory Adept just seemed too weak though I still think his future is bright once we get more flashback cards.  Garruk, Primal Hunter was definite contender, really showing off the power of Green, but his second ability, though awesome, kind of disrupts the pure Green energy.  So close, but missed the mark.  This leaves Lillana of the Veil and Chandra, the Firebrand to battle it out for the final spot.  If only we could have a cat-fight to find out…. Anyway, in the end I had to make a decision.  My favorite Planeswalker of 2012 is, Lillana of the Veil.  Chandra, the Firebrand is a close second with all her fiery glory, but Lillana of the Veil is pure Black magic.  First ability grants power through sacrifice by forcing both you and your opponents to discard.  The more you sacrifice, the more powerful she becomes as she prepares to tear apart half of your opponent’s field.  Her second ability is also rather useful if your opponent happens to just have one creature on the board.  I really like Lillana of the Veil and with Dark Ascension already being spoiled, I cannot wait to see how good she will be.









With all the categories decided I believe it is time to close out the article.  Feel free to leave your own list below and describe your reasonings for each.  I eagerly welcome it.  I just ask that as you think up your lists as we wave goodbye to 2011, just remember, “Etherium is Limited.  Innovation is not.”  This is Corlando signing out.